I still don’t know how I could go from 3500 with this team


… and yes I have won today’s cunning creatures strike. (I’m only level 11 with 2 legen). :joy::joy:


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Last two opponents:


The struggle is real


The game is soo broken unfortunately !


Looks just like everyone else sitting in that range never going anywhere for months on end.


I think you might have a little easier time if you switch out the Nodopato for Vraptor, I’ve been 2 nil down and came back to win the game with raptor simply coz the enemy team was low on health and I could Strike > Pounce > Strike > Pounce and finish them off!

Now if THEY had a raptor on the other hand it might not have went too well LOL.


Stegodeus and indorex used to be able to cary you for a long time. But most players have them nowadays due to all the events. Compeition is thus being high and boring. Since you wont be near entering the interesting tournaments for a while with such a team. It is only interesting to a select few imo.


I play recently and I’m working in 3/4 more legen… but f2p and 2 child takes my time to get it… :muscle:t2: