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I still refused to BOOST, why?

Is boosted win great? Certainly not to me.
So what if i boost to get a win?
So what if i lose and continue falling to arena 1?
What do i get to be number one?
For the win…i can boost…
For the LOGIC of dinosaurs, nope…
If all MAX BOOST = same as current.
So what does that mean? MONEY MONEY MONEY…


I’m with you. The rare fights with u boosted teams are close to the only ones worthwhile at the moment.

Edit1: unboosted that is

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It’s just a type of leveling up.

We get 28 of each boost resource every week plus 25 of one from a tower. You’ll fall behind free players as the weeks go by.

Just another DC people cutting their nose to spite their face. And of course complaining other people are to blame for their choices.


If only LOGIC comes into sense for all players, when all boosted to MAX, your lvl 20 still unmatched with lvl 30…

Is just about your GREED to be TOP.


Might be, but I’m guessing that slaughtering teams with overboosted Thors or DCs will get old real soon. Where’s the fun and satisfaction in that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, just putting myself on the I’m not boosting side. Once the hysteria is over, that’s where the fun will be :slight_smile:

And when all dino’s are lvl 30 what was the point. Why level them.

It’s just leveling up. It was introduced because people would get bored once everyone was lvl 30.

There r many ways to continue after 30.

  1. Increase the lvl to 40.
  2. Make some moves exclusive only to high levels, obtainable as exclusive move.
    bla bla bla…

LOGIC of dinosaurs must be intact, THOR run 100x faster than Velociraptor is a game only for CARTOON.


It’s just choices. I don’t accept one is right or wrong. If Ludia hadn’t sold so many boosts it would of been fine.

If they raised lvl cap the same players in the same order would carry on winning. And instead of lvl 30 quitting you’d of had all the others quitting if they couldn’t catch up.

If all players are legit, those on top deserves to be there, aren’t they?
In my opinion:

  1. Arena tournament should be done in EVERY ARENA. You compete where u belong, every player, regardless new or old, battle in your highest achieved arena.

  2. Like i said, the LOGIC of game, if i blindly boost for a win using a OP THOR, what’s the big deal? LOGIC must be there.

  3. I am pretty sure any OP Boosted Dino will be nerfed later, so to make another as next OP so u can pay to win again…and again…

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North American players had a potential 2 or 3 month head start. Procession wasn’t fair.

I like this more than level cap because it let’s those behind catch up we lvl creature and boost tear.

I don’t why North American players can be so much faster…but is ok.
I can accept boost, but it should be just like a dose of red bull for use of one or two matches.
One Thor speed with 109/110/111 is acceptable, with 199 is an immediate surrender, what’s the point to even think of what skill to use.

The same can be said about levelling creatures above level 21.

Yes, is the same if everyone lvl up everything, regardless boost or not.
What i meant is about the “logic” of dinosaurs…
I can accept a small difference of stats between same creature, but to face a Thor or Whatever that can fly instead of crawling is just nonsense.

I’m also hoping Ludia nerf each tier. Especially speed.

There is 30 gap normally in speed. So 100 tier 10 is crazy. Maybe plus 20 speed tier 10 would work.

I’m with you. You have more sense then ludia and the tournament’s are not worth 100 buck.

OP Title: “I still refuse to BOOST, why?”

TLDR: Then don’t read it, skip to the next post.

I do not refuse to, I just am not right now. I have not boosted any Dino but have been collecting and storing all that have been offered in the game, non-purchased that is.

Couple reasons. First is I am not sure where the meta is going with boosts. I would hate to use them on today’s beast only to have Ludia change the game when the smoke clears. I prefer to hold on and wait to see what happens in the coming weeks. Will I be that much further behind? Not really, I still have all boosts in storage ready to use.

It is a dramatic change in the game, no denying that. Who is to say they won’t introduce something new that will benefit more from being boosted? What if they nerf all boosts and change the meta again? What if being boosted becomes a disadvantage? Hey, one thing we know from experience is anything can happen.

I am also very curious (yeah, but I am not a cat) where my un-boosted team will land with the boost meta. I was at a very stable trophy count for many months. As I slowly leveled up, the game evolved so that stronger team kept me in the same trophy range. What Trophy range will my team land in now? It is going to take several weeks to find out. I think that will be a great indicator of just what influence boosting has on the game.

And, I am not going to play the who can spend more game. Been there, done that. I have no issues with folks who do, more power to them! I am just not going to go that route again. You can never just spend a little, you have to keep on pumping into it. Just one more, then it will be enough… yeah, never works, does it?

I did not quit or even threaten to. I did not cancel VIP. What I did was change my game play. I do not hunt or play near as much as I did before 1.7, not even close. Hunting currently has lost its allure and reason as in there is no reason to go out and toss a few thousand darts a day. I sure as heck do not want to level anything up and enter the mass hysteria that is the upper levels! I am at old max storage of about everything I had around me to dart, I am not lacking for much, perhaps some Epic DNA. So really no reason to play except strike towers and perhaps some of the Rare and Epic strike creatures. Couple hundred darts a day tops does it. And spin enough drops as I walk around to max out daily coins.

So, I am going to bide my time and see what develops over the coming weeks.


Boosts are here to stay… the shooting up 60 spots on google plays chart despite 1.7 being a buggy shoddy launch.

There implementation might change… but in that week Ludia saw money it hasnt seen for quite some time.

Not using boosts out of some sense or pride or nobility is setting yourself up for failure. Amd only hurting youself…


I try not to refuse to do anything.
It’s a dynamic game that changes from patch to patch.
I may not like it, but I adapt.


Good for you. I wanted to bide my time on boosts, but I became disillusioned by facing boosted teams to my non-boosted and I entered the rabbit hole to see if I could mitigate my frustrations. It sadly, did not help, I’m still where I was before I started boosting in a see saw. Which is very strange because Initially I had a steady climb, then the boosts started trickling in with other players, then they fixed the timeouts, and well. Here I am.

I’m buckled up and ready for the ride.

The Room is burning, but everythings fine… Fine. Seems fine :smiley:


That is what I am thinking when I do start using them, I will be at about the same trophy count as I was before. The users who purchased more will be that much further up the food chain and I will be in with the users who only have what they could get from the game.

What I use them on will be a deciding factor in trophy count also. Choose incorrectly, lower count, choose wisely, higher trophy count.

It will be an interesting ride.

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