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I still refused to BOOST, why?

Of course, being same speed, priority will be lvl of same dino.
Is reasonable, that same creatures can have some differences on damage or health, like younger or older or perhaps smarter.
The drive for this boost is simply to get players on the mind set to get a WIN, throwing the logic behind for that win.
We can’t say the dev is wrong, that’s the business side.
I don’t have a match today against a non boosted team, for that…it means the dev has a big bonus…
Perhaps soon we will see Koola able to fly with new skill…
Trex can buy a canon to shoot enemy.
Thor will transform to Indoraptor and have evasive 100%.
Maybe like Transformer, whatever they like just transform into that.
Soon…it will be here

Smart move not boosting. My son is not boosted with highest level Dino 20. 4600 plus trophies now consistently. Cause he plays unboosted players. Amazing how broken this game is now.

Leveling is still worth every coin, IMHO. I boost and level, and it really does help. I’m now back above 5,000 trophies like I used to be in the good old days before boosts. I may fall to high Aviary sometimes, but I did back then too. Up and down, up and down.

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I’m going to give this a shot. Of course I am aware your opinion will not change just because I make sense. It has to make sense to you for you to think differently about boost but here it goes…Yes people who can buy boosts every time they are available and choose to put them all on one dino to make it so op that they win against all happens. You hope you run into them few and far between. Here is the deal though. All dinos have some kind of counter and if you don’t believe in the Lord Lythro philosophy then use your boost to surprise the beast and cause the player to make a mistake which gets you the win. Meta is meta for a reason. Even when boosts didn’t exist the whales still bought every dna pack and got to Thor before all of us. Got to stegodeus before all of us. Thus they were going to be on top whether there were boosts or not. In a game where you battle other players you always have the chance to lose out to someone who studies more, cheats, pays more, plays more, thinks faster, comprehends faster, better internet, better phone, closer to the server, unlimited internet, and so on. I’m sorry that you feel boosts have ruined the fun for you and so you choose to not participate, but when you don’t participate you don’t find a solution either.

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I would like to see that team of unboosted level 20 or less that got to 4600 trophies. I have an unboosted crew of 22.5 average and can’t get much over 3500 with them.

I am unboosted and my opponents are boosted. The game does not match me against unboosted only opponents. I get whomever the game decides is within my calculated “strength”.

I get over 3500 I am matched with those 135 speed mega Thor that will one shot my entire crew.

I still play non boosted teams and actually have some good battles with the lightly boosted level 10 to 13 players and it’s more satisfying when I beat players with boosted dino’s.

If the matchmaking algorithm is what Ludia says it is, then your son will be matched with players who have a similar trophy count as well as similar strength dinos.
How do they find anyone else who is at 4600 trophies with level 20 unboosted dinos?
I can’t imagine there is a very big pool of relevant players for him, so he must wait hours on end for a match up!

I’m unboosted and I rarely ever fight unboosted dinos. It must be nice to be your son lol.


The “logic” of dinosaurs? The logic would be to only have dinosaurs that really existed in the past. Thor is made up for this game. Just like boosts are made up for this game.

I didn’t stop u from playing the game the way u wanted.
If u accept Aeroplane can get into the core of planet or human can fly into sun just do it.
This post was created months back.
My logic purely based on what was created and turtle will never run faster than leopard.
Enjoy your game…


Actually he battles a lot and yes there is some time wait between battles. But for the most part he can finish his battles for dbi in about 30 minutes. It actually aggravates me how Ludia is treating its players in arena. He can’t hold a candle to my line for r my wife’s in friendly battles. But arena, he is competitive and has figured out how to exploit the system. Not bad for a 9 year old. Makes me wonder why I ever spent money on this game if this is how it is going to be. It requires absolutely no skill just taking advantage of the pairing system.
A perfect example, I put in all my total Dino’s, fully boosted lvl 27-30. Lost 18 battles in a row. Dropped nearly 400 points. Took out all but 3 highly boosted Dino’s and replaced them with lvl 15-20. Won 8 in a row. It’s just a joke.

I totally get where you are coming from.
My lad hasn’t got a unique yet, and runs with 2 epics and 6 legendaries.
Yet he sits at over 4000 , and I am struggling at just over 4500 with all uniques from 23 to 26 and well boosted!


Not buying boosts is just as smart as buying them. I don’t see the point of the resurrection of this thread

I finally used my boosts about 1 month ago. I am still against them as they help increase the gap between playing for free and paying to win. They also make it harder to mix up your roster as the gap between boosted and non boosted dinos becomes too wide.

I finally used my boosts though because I was fed up with being level 3-3.5k having used them i ranked 5,200 on the last season. I still refuse to pay for them, but can see why Ludia introduces them as I imagine they have been a real cash cow for them.

Are you replying to me, Calvin? I’m lost in posts. Lol Anyway, I think I understand what you are saying.