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I stop playing: Everytime I battle Indoraptor Gen 2 — Who else?


The Indoraptor Gen 2 is here to stay.

But how should this be beatable?

Is it better to stop playing and give up the battle everytime facing this boosted monsters?

Next up 1:

Next up 2:


Not yet. But I did with Draco, so we shall see.


Guess they’ll nerf it “rat it” in a few months and all the boosted tears will taste so sweet.



You can’t have creatures in a game where you don’t even have enough counters for it.

Not many end-dinos have nullify as an ability.

New, more OP dinos will be introduced in 1.12 to counter IG2.

Yikes! That’s gnarly. I do the same with crazy boosted dinos.

Take your free win (that you paid for), I’m going to go do literally anything else with my time :v:t4:


Basically you should ask yourself, what does doing this achieve?

If it brings you enjoyment then go ahead and do it.
If you think it will annoy the opponent then don’t bother because they most likely don’t care as it means they get an easier win.


I try to get at least 1 win to add to my daily battle incubator… I make that my goal instead of trying to beat IG2. That way I have a better chance of not getting pissed off at the game. :laughing:

It frees up your time from putting forth efforts that will not change outcomes.

Then if that’s what it achieves there is no need to ask what is best to do on the forum.

There’s Lots of stuff on the forums :man_shrugging:t4:

I would ummm… Just win the match for an incubator and trophies.
But that’s just me.



What to say?

Agree on this.

just get a faster indo g2 ezpz


here we go again…

ludia team: :sunglasses: :popcorn: :beers:


You can’t complain about every creature you find difficult to defeat. Posting 10 screenshots doesn’t change a thing. I face Thors with double those stats daily. Just take your loss if you don’t want to invest in finding a counter or learn how to counter it.


Indo I will fight but Maxima if stupid pathetic $$$$$$$ of boost then I wont.

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I find that Maxima ++ very tough as well especially as it’s also immune to bleed. Still don’t give up though. Just keep thinking if they’re really that good they wouldn’t be in my arena :wink:

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What about Zorion?

Accelerate first turn
despite being hit by its basic but then you’ll have x2 nullify to destroy it…

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