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I suggest to reset this session

I think fixed system is fine
but I want PvP, not PvB(bot)

suggestion :

  1. reduce the session period to 2 weeks
  2. reduce the number of leagues to 3
    (ex. Underdark is 2500-3500, Infernal is 3500-4500 and Dragon is 4500+)
  3. change to match the same league player
    but not closest score

I really hate Bots!

I agree the current season could be relaunched.

However, The other changes would just recreate the unbalanced matches that were just corrected. Proposals 2 and 3 would negatively impact the majority of players. Players have clearly stated such opponent discrepancies are unacceptable.

Not keen on relaunch - I’ve dropped 1000 trophies already.

Might get dumped into an even lower arena :stuck_out_tongue:

II have also lost nearly 1000 trophies and it is reflected on my current trophy count. Today I have fallen outside the top 500 players for the first time since the trophy count was implemented. I was more than 200 places higher a week ago.

The benefit of falling so low is a drastic reduction in the time required to find an opponent. Having so many players with comparable trophy counts has reduced match-making time from 1 minute to a few seconds.

  1. lowering the amount of time per session would just cause more mismatches. Every time you artificial close the gap between players it causes unbalanced matchmaking. It would be better to run a longer session to give more time to spread out and fall into natural place

  2. less Leagues would mean fewer goals to shoot for. It would also increase the population of each league, which means that those at the top or at the bottom would be more likely to end up with a mismatch.

  3. over the long run since you gain score by winning and lose score by losing, people will fall into there natural place… when people tank their scores and end up beating weaker players it means they had to have lost at some point at as well. You just have to hope to catch them on the way down and not up


What MKb said

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