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I suppose


There isn’t a way to go back to a previous arena? Can you be kicked out of the arena you are in and be dropped down to the previous one? The incubators in the previous one have a dino I don’t have at the moment and I kind of want to get it, as I like to collect things. I don’t really care much for progressing fast, I should’ve realized not to go too fast and the fact the game kept making me freeze during battles and instantly making me win every single battle that I was not present for. :\

Also, does it matte the same level teams together in the arena? Because I purposely put level 1 dinos in my team so I can prevent myself from going to the next arena, as I don’t think I’m ready for that but my opponents have all level 1 dinos too. I guess that is a cool thing but I don’t want to win all the time, as I want to collect the DNA from the incubators in this arena first and I want to level my current dinos I plan on using first.


You can get any dinos from any previous arenas u were in or the current one u are in. It’s all random. Dropping down will not get u those dinos guaranteed. I am in Sorna and get dinos from all the past arenas. The only ones I don’t get is the last arena cuz I havent made it that far yet.
And yes u can use whatever dinos u chose to use


Oh okay, I was just looking at the arenas and they had different dinos. That’s good. I guess I can use my favorite dinos again, then.