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I tell you, I'm a Jurassic World the game fan!

Of course, you’re a very hardcore fan. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I’ve been playing for 1 year and 3 months …

Excellent. However I am curious, did you level freeze at 65 or so? Usually those playing above a year are around level 90.

no, I am at level 65, because I have stopped the daily missions because now the tournament dinos are available at level 60, in the clash of the titans) for me, continuing the daily missions would be a big waste of time.


I am playing 1 yr and nearly 3 months at lvl 78. How are most people lvl 90 at the stage I am at?

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Man that a long playing time!!!
Can I see your lineup???

Man that a long playing time!!!
Can I see your lineup???

VIP helps with progression, also more than likely players like me and fury would have used the AF xp trick to jump levels instead of doing the missions.

The battle stage infinite is so worth it with additional dna and bucks per day.

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I didn’t mean the daily missions but the character missions.

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