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I think 1.9’s meta won’t be too shabby and here is why

A lot of people are saying the buffs some creatures got are ridiculous, while Thor and Rat didn’t get the nerfs they should have got. But I personally think all the adjustments make sense. Prior to the release of the patch notes boosted Thor and Rat pretty much annihilated everything. Now their counters have received health or damage buffs, it just makes things more balanced now. Ardentismaxima is said to be buffed too much with that new 15% armor and 30% crit chance, I mean, isn’t Tryko a good example of how strong a unique dino should be?

Procerathomimus’ health buff to me is a bit ridiculous at first but it is still counterable as some creatures gain immunity to attack lowering moves and some can hit through evasive moves.

To sum it up, previously meta balance was achieved through nerfing creatures that were too strong but this time with all sort of buffs I think Ludia’s trying to achieve balance by buffing the creatures that need buffing, which I think is better than nerfing creatures. I don’t have a boosted Thor but I definitely do not want to see it get nerfed to trash.


I think its fine, cuz we have a multi-sided meta now (Tanks, Chompers, Immunes), tho some buffs cough procerathomimus are over the top.

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I agree, since I don’t like nerfs either. But I have a little problem with this. Let’s take Ardentis, I love that it got that well deserved buff(I was one of the people crying for it lol), I think the stat buffs were great(hp, crit, armor), but the damage increase to that extent was unnecessary and bad for balance, mostly because now it beats 2 of the 3 things that were made to counter it, Thor and tenonto, and that’s without crits. I may be wrong, but tryko might be the only counter for it, maybe dio too but I didn’t run the calcs.
The other thing is, a whole class of dinos, the ceratopsians, were nerfed to oblivion, and this is bad.
Erlidom lost a lot of counters now cause of that hp buff, and procera, as you said, is a bit ridiculous. I know it’s not uncounterable, but it didn’t need a buff in the first place.
Thor and Tryko don’t feel as if they’ll be as relevant now. Also Diloracheirus is a big loser this patch as well, I believe it can’t beat most of the meta dinos now.
I love buffs over nerfs, but this is getting into power creep territory. It seems like this change in meta won’t bring more variety to the arena like we want it to, it just shifted the meta in favor of some dinos again.

We would be in the best meta we’ve had yet, full of diversity and fun dinos to use if only we could get a BOOST RESET.


That is a crucial point.

tbh, Erlidominus’ buff has me confused too. Not the speediest creature but immune to any stat changes and capable of throwing the most powerful rampage. I’m with you on this. But as a player I guess I will just accept it. If we see a bunch of adjustments again in 1.10 or 2.0 to be frank I won’t be surprised

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Indeed, haha. We’ll just have to roll with it, if they really want to balance the game they’ll get to it eventually.

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