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I think everyone who boosted tourney creatures should be stuck with those boosts on those creatures

It wouldn’t affect me, as my rare and common creatures were my most boosted. But of course, i highly doubt many others had a full strike team with rare and common’s boosted, yet i’m stuck battling those who just exploit the system and I can’t blame them, I blame Ludia for recommending one thing and then allowing others to exploit it.


If you are saying that you blame Ludia and not the players, why do you think players should have boosts stuck on their tournament dinos? It was quite obvious that this would happen on this tournament, unfortunately…

i really blame both the players and Ludia, but players are going to exploit what they can and Ludia should know that. If the players were held accountable for their exploits, they wouldn’t do it anymore

I didn’t personally boost my dinos for the tournament and i don’t plan to anytime soon, but I don’t see anything wrong with players doing that. We would be fighting boosted dinos on those tournaments regardless. You could call this an “exploit” but i don’t see a reason to morally judge or even think to punish players for this. Everyone could have freely boosted If they wanted.


How many players would have spent 240 boosts on rare and common creatures? Because in the top 50 of the tournament, almost all of them have fully boosted level 30 creatures, that they would not have had otherwise. So the $3000.00 I spent leveling and boosting creatures for this tournament specifically was wasted, as it didn’t matter and i could have used these boosts and coins elsewhere this entire time since the update.

And actually the $3000.00 USD is only for three of the dino’s, 2 went from level 27 to 30 and one went from level 27 to 29, all with full boosts, equally 89 boosts. If you add up the costs of these, $1200.00 USD went on the boosts (at 2000 HC totaling 178,000 HC) and at over 1.5 million coins if you were to go by the prices in the in-game store, it would actually total over $3000.00 USD. I boosted and leveled these creatures on 2.0 update day. And never got to use them as the only other common tournament we had was with epic hybrids and we all know that sarco with 156 speed was all that mattered in that tournament.

Usually only the more competitive players spend a lot resources on lower rarity dinos for tournaments.
If you’re spending you have a better chance at greater rewards on those types of tournaments.
But i don’t see how is this relevant. Everyone had the same opportunity to remove and apply as many boosts as they wanted for free. If you bought more, you have an advantage as you could just use all your boosts on those rares and commons and just refund them for free later. If everyone had the same chance there’s nothing unfair going on. I really don’t see the problem here. This situation may have made the tournament annoying for players that weren’t willing to go through the trouble of shuffling all their boosts, but so what? Everyone had the opportunity.

So during the last 3 months, i absolutely could have used 89 boosts and 1.5 million coins, which i never would have used on those 3 common creatures (not counting the various other boosts and coins for other creatures) had i known we were going to not only get a boost reset, but it would last for 5 days and would be during an advantage tournament. How does that not make sense to you?

And I’m incredibly competitive in the tournaments. Currently i place 25th in this common/rare tournament at 1750 trophies. I place usually in the top 100, occasionally in the top 200 for every tournament. I am a member of a very high ranking alliance, in which we usually are in the top 10 of alliance championships and half our members are in the top 500 of the regular arena

Well that’s good for you then, but I really don’t see what’s the problem here. How does some more players boosting their dinos in this tournament affect you If you already fight players as competitive as yourself on the top 100?

because i used those 89 boosts and 1.5 million coins 3 months ago on creatures that never got used. i could have used those 89 boosts and 1.5 million coins on other dinos to have given me a better placement in the 12 tournaments we have had since 2.0 update came out. I would not have used them had i known we would have a boost reset for a 5 day period of time during an advantage tournament. Those resources could have been used on my other rarities for tournaments, or Raid creatures or on my not as boosted arena creatures. Instead they sat there waiting for 3 months for no reason at all. Because when they finally could have been put to use, everyone got a free chance to do that. How many players put 30 boosts on their velociraptor, because every single player ive battled in the top 50 have done so. Or 30 boosts on their kelenkens?

I would have been the clear cut winner as almost my entire strike team right now was already this boosted and none of the other players dropped 200+ boosts on their common/rare teams, and if they did, then it would have been interesting who took first.

There is a large reward difference between 1st player and now 26th, my current position. I battle probably 200+ battles on tournament weekends, i’ve doubled that this weekend to no avail because of the free boost reset.

Well you could have done that. But all the other players knew as much as you. No one knew there would be a boost shuffle event. We all made our decisions based on the information we had and our own preference. So there’s nothing unfair about this situation. As i see It no one deserves punishment for anything here.

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Hence why i said Ludia is ultimately responsible. They could have executed this during a skilled tournament weekend, or even better, during the week so we could all test out Raid creatures. Instead they lost a large revenue stream as there are many players who have put forth a lot of money towards this game ($5000.00+) that is now gone. I sure won’t be generating another dime to this company because of their inability to respect all players. If you boost a creature, you should be stuck with that boost. Whether the creature gets nerfed or buffed or stays the same. We all know now that OP creatures will eventually get nerfed. People who consistently boost these OP creatures should be stuck with boosts on those now nerfed creatures. It’s called consequences for their actions, whether they are good or bad, they should be adhered to. This means if they got to exploit OP creatures for 3-6 months, then they deal with the nerfed creature being boosted. Boost resets should only happen if they do another 2.0 massive entire game overhaul.

And nothing is unfair, what about my $3000.00 that was wasted for 3 months? I wouldn’t have used it on those creatures. I might not have used it at all. I never recall authorizing Ludia to borrow $3000.00 from me, but essentially that’s what they did

Fair enough, i agree. They could have done this on week days or during a skill tournament to avoid this. But ultimately It isn’t of much consequence.

Now, i absolutely disagree with that. There’s so much wrong here. First of all, players shouldn’t be punished for trying to stay competitive. That’s horrible game design. It’s not the player’s fault for investing on good creatures. Are you saying no one should ever invest on anything because it’s sure to be nerfed eventually? That makes no sense. It’s really weird that a competitive person like yourself thinks trying to remain competitive should be punished by the game. Secondly, If Ludia does their bait and switch on us with buffs and nerfs, it’s on them, not the player. You could make the “right” decision to not boost a creature you think will be nerfed, but you also could have boosted something decent and then next update it’s nerfed to the ground for some arbitrary reason. Is It really fair to tell you then: “I told you so, you shouldn’t have boosted It, It was gonna get nerfed so it’s your fault.” That’s ludricous, by that logic no one should invest on anything ever.

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Who didn’t see the Procera nerf coming? or the Maxima? I agree Ludia shouldn’t be nerfing creatures by leaps and bounds, but if one creature is sweeping through 3 or 4 in arena battles every time, you should know that players are going to complain and Ludia is going to milk the additional boosts and coins bought for players to match those same OP creatures until it spent and overwith, then they’ll nerf it. They do this time and time again.

It’s not an exploit if it is intended to happen! And of course Ludia new it would be like this. Not even them would be that naive. I don’t thing this shuffle thing will be that common, so let people have their fun, man… You’ll have plenty of other tourneys to use those creatures and do better than most.


That’s not the point. It doesn’t matter that we can see the nerf coming, it’s just wrong to blame the players for investing on what’s good. It’s Ludia’s fault for not making good balancing decisions. If they intentionaly or not make OP creatures it’s on them to fix it without nerfing stuff to the ground, not on the player that decided to invest on what the game freely offered. We shouldn’t be ok with their bait and switch, we shouldn’t think it’s ok to blame the player for the company’s decisions.