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I think everyone who boosted tourney creatures should be stuck with those boosts on those creatures

I don’t believe Ludia knew this was coming until pretty much a few hours before they announced it. Why didn’t members of the Amber club recieve notification in advance, one of the promised things about having our own representative from Ludia?

That’s Ludia’s bad planning, but why on earth would you want to punish other players for that?

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I already said i blame Ludia, but players are exploiting knowing Ludia’s bait and switch tactics. If we all stop falling victim to them, then they won’t do them anymore.

I don’t boost arena. I boost tournament only. I got to 1180 with what i had already. Then I decided to unboost my epics and use the boost on the rares. I got to 1360 and have worked over 80 hours this week so I didn’t get to keep playing or play as much as I wanted to. I came home from work and passed out at 7pm. I wish I could’ve played more but oh well.

This reset should’ve happened on a skill tournament weekend but they’re in Such a rush to put out an unnecessary update and flood us with 13 raids :roll_eyes: for what? Keep the apex and rotate the others.

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Regardless, people were literally saying they would do that on the topic of the news. Mods saw it, devs saw it, And that was fine.


That isn’t true. Ludia’s tactics are irrelevant to the players. Players see free boost reset, players boost like crazy. That was intended by Ludia, and the players know it was intended. Any ulterior motives are just speculation at this point, and they’re irrelevant anyway, because the players are just playing the way Ludia says they can.

You want to punish players for playing by the rules. I can understand wanting to change the rules, but penalising following them? That would serve no reasonable purpose and it wouldn’t end well.

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That’s Impossible to control, especially If you want to be very competitive. There’ll always be people willing to spend even after a bait and switch. And it’s not anyone’s place to judge them imo. Everyone decides what they want to spend on.
Saying players should be punished for those decisions isn’t really fair and doesn’t really solve the issue. As their costumers we can say what we want over and over until they listen, or we could accept things as they are and just continue playing or even stop playing altogether. That’s the options we have. This boost shuffle most likely happened because they listened to the various complaints over creature balancing after 2.1 dropped. So we know they do listen to an extent.

This was what I knew.would happen and what i too exploited. If you really care about the tournament just Shuffle.

Every battle be Shufflin’…

I boosted a random lvl 30 squad and just had fun. Surprising fun considering I had no idea what I was.doing or.boosting.

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I’m sorry but the way Ludia treats the players (i.e. shockingly badly) the players should take every advantage that they can get as long as it isn’t cheating.

Blame Ludia, they are the ones that decided to run the event through tournament days.

I’ll just note here for the sake of the OP, I didn’t boost my tourney creatures at all. I only took advantage of the boost shuffle to beast Lord Lythronax in campaign #78.

Ludia gave us a rule, then changed the rule. It’s 100% on them. Those who really should complain are the ones who deboosted a bunch of creatures before the info came out. Now THAT is way way worse and really punished players for following the rules.

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Well i hope they listen to the $5000-7000 revenue stream they just ended from me alone, let alone all the other “whales” that are upset with this.

Ludia didnt change the rule. It had an event that allows us to get things that we normally wouldnt. Kinda like Diplodocus or Sonorsaurus events. Unless that is wrong and Ludia should never let us have such events?

Timing is bad. The idea is good. So think what you is right. I really feel Ludia is being too soft with the squeaky wheels and neglecting their actual revenue streams. I have a lot of issues with 2.2 and all of them stem from noisy round transport items rather than actual quality feedback.

Tournaments to me are meaningless if you dun like PvP or have no use for the rewards/ the rewards arent worth the effort and anger.

I was planning to hit top 50 in this tournament and then rest but hey Ludia giveth, then I taketh.

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If changing 50% boost refund to 100% is not changing an established rule, then I don’t know what it is, regardless if it’s for a limited time… I’m not complaining, I wasn’t affected by that. Only did 3 speed boosts refund and still have many to spare. But it’s undeniable people who deboosted a lot got screwed. They now have hundreds less boosts than they could have (and others still do). That’s veeery different than a dinosaur event…

I am going to begin exploiting everything Ludia has available, why not? It’s apparent that it’s the way they want us to do things. So I’ll be max speed boosting my Morty with remaining boosts on attack just to thwart all of those Thor’s that max speed boost it. And my quetzorion will be max boosted ready to destroy all annoying erlidos. And i will have 3 fully boosted creatures for every tourney just because. No longer will i follow Ludia’s guidelines of evenly boosting my team. And since I have about 400+ boosts, this is reasonable for me to do. Time to exploit because that’s okay. Perhaps we should all do that will all aspects of our lives. Exploit the welfare systems so others can pay the taxes and we can collect income for free. Or exploit the stores and businesses and get free stuff or refunded money on items that are perfectly fine. It’s an ethical thing why just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.

Don’t blame players for Ludia’s horrible mistakes. Many had the opportunity to try and obtain better results and rewares.

I also boosted as high as possible 3 dinos just to obtain the 10 strikes… then unboosted them and stopped playing the tournament. Why? Because even with those boosted monsters, I will always face the worst of the enemies in tournaments, as @arugono states… “effort and anger”.

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So what?

What do you want? A medal? Sympathy? Someone to say it’s ok?

Direct your anger/frustration at Ludia! Stop blaming the players for Ludia’s botched ideas.

If Ludia didn’t want people to use the boost reshuffle event during the weekend tournament then they would have set the event to run Mon-Thu only. So in Ludia’s eyes what people have done is not exploiting because it is as they intended. If it was not intended then it would be simple, run it during the working week.

Now you are clearly losing this argument so you go off to extremes that have nothing to do with this game.

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I actually wasn’t even arguing with you. And so exploitation never happens in this game. People complained because Maxima, who they poured all their boosts into, got nerfed, when it should have never been as OP as it was. That is why this boost reset happened, yes Ludia is to blame, i’ve never said that isn’t the case. They need to not do boost resets, period. Don’t boost something you don’t want boosted,whether OP now and nerfed later, or weak now, and OP later. I don’t personally boost what is always OP in the arena, as i know that it is going to be nerfed. But everytime they nerf something, boost resets shouldn’t be happening. Unless there is a 3.0 coming out, boost resets should never happen, same with a 50% refund. Just don’t boost it if you dont’ want it boosted.

And if you don’t think that is an overall way of thinking about exploitation, well tell that to the 8, 9, 10 year olds playing this game and subtlety learning that lesson. Because children do play this game, and not all of them are going to have caring enough parents or will be smart enough to have an ethical background and moral stance and will learn exploitation is okay. Again, just because we are able to doesn’t mean we should.

Whatever Ludia calls it, Boost Shuffle or Boost Reset, we are getting back our boosts and can reassign them.

A bad deal should never be entered into. Players accepted that Ludia was gonna fleece them and they chose to deboost at the insanely bad rate.

The OP’s issue is what I said last week, its unfair to those who invested in certain tournament dinos since now they are just 1 of thousands of super boosted monsters in tournament.

The timing is funny since both update and shuffle didn’t need to have to be this week. They could be 1 week apart. They could be this week Shuffle, next week notes and update week after. They could push everything back 1 week or 4 weeks. No one was begging for an update. The Shuffle next week during a Skill Tourney would be perfect since Tournament not affected. Arena will be focused on since everyone can play a fool.

True, but the time for that to happen is usually considered by those who deboost. We usually get resets after months and months, so it’s normal to think it would take a while for one to happen again. But then they do it in less than a month after the previous changes. What makes it a screw up is it happening so fast and the fact that many players, like @Piere87, were asking for a refund here almost daily, to no answer… So we all thought we wiould continue having the same “reset schedule”… So people deboosted… Then learned that if they had waited a couple of days, they wouldn’t have to. That freaking sucks.