I think I am in "love" 🥰❤

I think this little guy might be my new favorite. Anyone else?

Does anyone have a favorite among the new creatures? If hybrids are not your thing, do you have a new non hybrid favorite? :blush:


My favorite out of the recent update: The Birb.

My all time favorite Hybrid non-legendary/unique: Postimetrodon

My favorite legendary hybrid: Trystonix & Utahsinoraptor

My favorite unique: Magna & Erlidomimus

My favorite Non-hybrid: Stegosaurus.


Non legendary/unique hybrid: Suchotator, Dimodactylus, Spinotahraptor, and Nodopatosaurus.

All time legendary favorites: Utasinoraptor, Stegodeus, and Monostegotops

Unique: Without contest Trykosaurus! I love my armor Rexy. :blush:

Non hybrid: Rexy (the day I got her was the best day ever!) and Blue (second best day ever).


I only really like Quetzorion on the new hybrids well Maximus is cool too. But Zorion is my new baby dino xd

Favorite epics would be Rex and Pachy

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Stgydaryx and Maxima for hybrid
Kentro for normal
How could you say no to thiScreenshot_20190709-203359


I find it curious what happens with the Stiydaryx

For me it is the worst unique game (well, now that Indoraptor is garbage maybe the 2 worst).

For metahub in version 1.7 it was the worst unique, in fact, the only unique that was neither Tyrant nor Apex

and instead, many of the players who have created it (renouncing the other Darwin hybrid) and who use it, are very happy with it.

I still have not created either stygydaryx (I could create it at 27) or Pterovexus (I could create it at 24) because I think they would not enter my team and they would be interested in the opinions on both.

in a game where Dracoceratops and Thoradolosaur lead among the best … diplovenator is like a superhero, I still do not unlock it, but I want it already !!!


My favorites are:
Apato for common
Edmonto for rare
Anky for Epic
Stegodeus (:two_hearts:) for Legendary
Rinex for Unique

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@bates5919. Mine are:

Common - Tany
Rare - Einiasuchus
Epic - Procerathomimus
Legendary - Allosinosaurus
Unique - Tryko


Some are calling it the demon fluffy. I think I’m in love too haha

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Tryko is a close second for my favorite unique. She definitely has one of the coolest designs in the game!


She really is! It was Thoradolosaur because green is awesome, but I have a love-hate relationship with her atm. :unamused:

I love Thor’s deco but I always get a sinking feeling whenever I see one stomp out in the arena. :joy:


I like Diplov, now waiting for its Unique! THAT I will LOVE! :smiley:

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The one thing that surprised me the most when I first got Thoradolosaur was that she didn’t have armor like Allosinosaurus. She missed out on a lot of strike towers because of this. However she was a part of the team that eventually took down Lord Lythronax.

Well thanks partly to Indoraptor for dodging for a change. Lol :laughing:

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