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I think I found why drones were touched in the first place!

I was clearing out my phone (went from 18GB to 15GB, yikes) and I apparently took a screenshot of one of the surveys we had.

I think that, since almost no one thought ANY of the answers were good ones, they just clicked on the first option they saw so as to submit a valid survey entry.

Since they probably didn’t want to go and alter every animation pathing for individual creatures, they just fiddled with the drone.

This survey question was a TRAP.

This whole game is a trap, as are many other mobile games that use the “licensed IP + subpar gameplay + GAMBLING = profit” model. I wouldn’t sweat how you answered the survey. Tweaks to increase profit at the expense of the players are inevitable.

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Well, people were asking “who even ASKED for drone changes?” and I feel this is a darn strong contender for the answer. By not caring about the question in itself because you cannot omit questions in surveys, people likely just marked the first answer just to get it done and over with without thinking about the implications.

Think that’s what they were trying to do here too

Maybe the red “X” button was meant to answer the second question? :sweat_smile:

This question is the reason why I didn’t complete that survey…
I think no one will wish to let any mission become more difficult.

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