I think I have every emote released so far

For anyone who wants to know how to get all of them:

Dizzy Pumpkin: Small Strike Incubators(Halloween week only)
Mind Blown Pumpkin: Real Money Acrocanthosaurus incubator(Halloween week only)
Surprise: Free 6 hour incubator
Not So Fast/Dennis Nedry Emote: Raid minion incubators
Shrug: 24 hour epic battle incubator(probably the hardest to get)
I assume the other 3 emotes still to come will be Mr DNA doing Thumbs up, Thumbs down and Flexing it’s muscles lol.
It was definitely fun collecting all these emotes and whilst not all people agree with them, it is a new fun way that could take the pay 2 win element out of the picture for ppl who want to flex emotes in the arena lol.
By the way, most of these emotes only have a 20% chance to be grabbed from incubators, even the 24 hour one :/, which is annoying if you then have to wait another month to get it, but I got lucky so I can’t complain :D. Can’t wait to see the future ways to collect more emotes, because it added a new and different kind of element/grind to the game instead of collecting things I already had. So thanks for the new adventure Ludia, it was fun!


Surprised should be renamed Jazz Hands. That is what it looks like to me.


You spent money on an emote? Wow


Well the package also came with an epic incubator+200 acrocanthosaurus+emote. Although in all honesty that’s still a terrible deal for $20.

it was also in that package that was removed from the shop. which was the best deal we’ve seen ludia accidentally give us.


I’m assuming every

Welp, u convinced me to go back to the arena and terrorize mt. sibo with a tragodistis

I haven’t seen that shop offer, what did this offer contain?

They removed it shortly after it was put out.

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250,000 coins! 7000 bucks! 400 possible allosaurus gen 2/gryposuchus! Wow :astonished:

Although I still don’t think I would buy it.

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It had some players who dont buy shop items seriously considering buying it. It was that good of a deal.


When was this deal available? I’m interested because I think I took a break from JWA for a couple of days.

I open 3 6h incubators a day and still haven’t got the jazz hands… Annoying!


it was during the halloween event. tho, Ludia said that there was an error with the inc and removed it from the shop pretty early. some got to buy it, others did not. it will not make an appearance again.

Thanks for the info. I guess at just didn’t notice the offer.

most didn’t. it looked like a normal shop offer like they always do.

These are spirit fingers


Same! I still don’t have the raid one, the 6 hr one, or the 24 hr incubator one lol

I’ll be honest… I don’t catch the reference.

I was lucky with the raid one, got it from Mortem the first day. So far opened only 1 24h incubator so that’s gonna take forever as well :slight_smile:

I have done 10 Rexy raids a day on Thursdays since that emote came out and still haven’t gotten it lol. I have a 24 hr inc coming soon so we’ll have to see how that goes. But I’m shocked I haven’t seen the 6hr inc one either. My emote RNG sucks :rofl:

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