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I think I offended the matchmaking system...I guess?



matchmaking system?

how exactly are you using your alliance chat?


The message saying I broke chat rules was from ludia, not my alliance.


The reference to the matchmaking system was ment as a joke, but nvm…


Well this is beyond me as to why it was flagged, we will investigate.

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There are so many thing flagged when talking about this game in chat… there needs to be a serious look at the in game filter cause honestly i stopped try to say more then, hi…gg…grats…


Well update on the situation and it seems as though the message has been sent now, it appears as a normal sent chat now


thank you for that update!


Re update, just logged in again and the entire message is gone :slight_smile:




The moderator is speachless as well.:joy:


For real ? Not some bot replying it :rofl:

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You cannot use the word player as I have learned many times through trying to explain player level and strategy in the game chat. You cannot mention the social media apps as well…go figure…lol


Apparently it’s the same filter on the site as well. As my post is hidden and needs to be reviewed.

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Flagged due to incorrect grammar

Ludia are on it :100:


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You got red frame for typing it if youre bored with some light blue frame one in chat :rofl:


I thought we couldn’t make a post less than 10 letters.
When Hersh made a comment with nothing in it, it got flagged and taken down.
But this?




: (