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I think I will be done with the battles :((


The battles themselves I had no problem with. I was over 4200 before the reset and was fine with that. I knew I would never hit 5000 my dinos didn’t have the levels needed to be at the top, but this tournament thing is absolutely lopsided and past ridiculous. I will have to stick to just hunting for DNA because I still like that aspect of the game. The tournament seems to be a big waste of time and effort. Just venting a little the wife doesn’t like hearing about it lol. Good luck to all who chose to battle.


Give it time for the hidden brackets/seeding to form. I expected the first few hours of the tournament to be a slaughter as the player base selected-into roughly the same brackets as before… and that’s what happened; it was brutal. But, it’s taken longer than I expected for things to stratify into what we’re used to, as we’re still in “oh, nice, L26 Ehrlidominus, WTF now?!” territory. I’m sure it’ll work itself out in the next 36H.

Maybe. Heh.

I, like you, was over 4200, and felt comfortably settled-in +/- 120, so this tourney has been an… adjustment. And my RNG has been insanely bad (I’m a numbers guy, so no exaggeration with this, but my Indominous has gone 1/20 with Cloak on the first strike. Really, no joke. I wish I’d videoed my battles).

But yeah, it sucks right now. My GF and I are about equal in this game and there have been lots of f-bombs in the last day.


Well I’m glad to know that my Indominous isn’t the only one that just cloaks for show.


I agree, it’s so annoying to face all this op cheaters or spoofers at 3700±
I wish that my rays of angry and mad will make a big hole in the dev’s karma.


I was at 3500 yesterday now im at 3300 theres epics lvl18 and legemds lvl18 everywhere its really hard to be competitive against such dinos😑


Haha wouldn’t it be bittersweet if somehow some way the devs were able to find the non legit players and make their dinos only do 1 damage… oh you have a level 28 indoraptor? Enjoy that 1 damage… I know it’ll never happen but hey I can dream


I have absolutely no problem losing a battle even 3 to 0 as long as the dinos were collected the right way. My brother and I drive teams cross country and we both play all the time day and night. My dinos are much higher than his but they seem to be useless against most the other players.


Im at 34** troffes and im fighting guys with over leveled epics and Legends
Few minuts ago i just fight against a guy with indoraptor lvl21
Indo rex lvl20
Reach 3500 its hard now it was pretty easy before


I completely lost so much interest in battles that I only do them when I have a free incubator slot. As soon as I fill it I don’t battle again until a new slot is free. If we always got 24hr incubators i’d be a happy dino!


Haha I’ve always been that way :joy: I only battle to fill my incubators. Sometimes I would leave my slots empty for a couple days … and I hardly ever speed up my incubators. Way TOO CHEAP for that haha.

Trying to motivate myself to get back in the areas. Just below 4,000 mark, top 500s and I only lost one match since the tournament started. That dang lvl 23 indo :skull: did some damage, but all is good. As long as I don’t make it easy for them, is all that matters.


I know I can’t compete with the current tournament. :frowning: no legendaries on my team yet. I still do them just for the incubators.