I think I'm done battling,

For today anyway, I’ve fought in 13 matches and haven’t won a single one today… I’ve dropped over 300 points. Time to call it quits today. :confused:
Battling really isn’t all that fun anymore. Way too competitive and I don’t have the time or money to level up and search for the dinos I need…
Not that I’ll FIND the ones I need. Seeing bloody Eina every damn where.


Yeah idk what is happening today but at 4700 ish trophies I am facing numerous level 30 uniques. I’ve probably lost around 17 battles today out of 20.

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Matchmaking is all over the place. Has been since tournament started. I either vs 19 legendaries or 28-30

If you aren’t trying to be in the top 500, lose on purpose… Choose fun dinos you want to try out, battle your best for fun, lose on purpose until you get to a reasonable count, and then put your battle dinos back in and battle for incubators. Losing is so much more tolerable when you do it on purpose from time to time. Your perception/perspective of the battle is so different when you know you will lose because you choose to. You may actually come out feeling refreshed. At least it’s better than being stressed and mad. It might even be fun…


whats your team what trophies are you at?

get good bruh :wink:


Not having as bad as you, but in my first 3 matches opp team put in around 4 to 5 crit hits total, some consecutively, while my team has none. Battling in lockwood.
Finally managed to win the 4th one :confused:

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I’ve gone down in arena when it gets too annoying.
I don’t have a indo yet (so many 10s…) And I run into so many of them…

Was at 4100 before today.


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Have fun :wave:

yeah i saw and compared. you only have the one immune. 7 dinos that ive never really used. only one true tank and shes only lvl 21. just need to keep at it. hopefully some uniques come your way in the future.

Full on incubators, can’t be all bad. So many people dropped below 4000 before the update, they’re all grinding back up the ranks.

I had a 12 hour that I opened earlier and I won my first match today after making this thread, go figure.

What’s happening with matchmaking is this:
At the start of the tourno, our trophies were reduced. However, the matchmaking range was left untouched hence more people are getting bunched together within these thresholds. Look at the chart:
This is primarily the reason why mismatching occurs and will keep occurring until the stronger players have left this +/- 450 trophy range of less advance players.


Me too, I was down from 4200 to 4000. What a matched!!

Take things easy…
I’m at 3.8k now. From 5.1k yesterday.
I’m enjoying life at the lower arenas. Mission is to fill my incubator slots.
Not worthy to lose our mind over $50 tournament prize (2 days of pocket money for my school going son)… :rofl:


Please adopt me and start sending me my pocket money. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Quit sugar coating it. U lost alot cuz of crits and stuns admit it.

Actually it’s evades and not enough counters to it that isn’t one shoted. Indos are everywhere and I just don’t have anything fast enough and strong enough to take it out quickly.

Matchmaking is now better than it was. Still, I’m canceling search for opponent after 30 seconds, as waiting for opponent longer mostly likely will get me too strong opponent.

More problematic is RNG after 1.5. Now matches are even more often decided cause of crits and lucky dodges. After sitting out till tournament I played around 70 matches at least and from 1.5 release over 100 matches. Can’t remember one match without a single crit from both players. Now most dinos die in 3 turns except some tanks. But most problematic is Evasive stance. As Monomimus was castrated on health, Indoraptor took it’s place. With only one nullifyer that can survive against Indo long enough to take it down (Monostego), mostly battles come to Indo vs Indo duo that means circle of dodges or who gets lucky to hit through Evasive twice (without crits). Also Evasive on Indo is either working 80% of time or not at all (0%).

Last two days (lost 400 trophies from around 4560 to 4110) made me to the point, that I don’t even care if I win or lose a battle, cause in most cases battle is decided by luck (if you have right counters choosen, if your Indo dodges everything, if you get crits when you need…).


Funny when you say…while you’re using monomimus who is the most RNG dependent dino in the game (even more so after 5.1 update)…when you use RNG to win, then it’s not about being good, but about who has the most luck. You seem to have a lot