I think I'm done until battling gets fixed


Another day, another string of losses because of bots. Modders, who ever actually reads this forum. SOMEONE DO SOMETHING I love this game! A lot of people love this game! Why are people still complaining about bots!! Oh, right. Ludia doesnt care because those of us who are complaining dont pay or only use vip so therefore we are garbage.


Yeah i posted this a few hours ago… Yesterday waa good and i was going to praise e Ludia. However today was back to ussual with bots.


I’m beyond furious right now. 9 battles. 2 wins, 1 was actually a HUMAN and they only beat me cause they did that lame switch people do to avoid losing they’re precious glass cannon cause that’s the only strong dino they have.


Yeah… why can’t everyone win more than they lose. What is wrong with this stupid game.


As I answer in other topic, many players went down the arenas for better rewards.
If 7th arena would give something useful, I will fight at it. Until it I fight at 5th arena, making players there go mad of me and Ludia :slight_smile:

The longer Ludia pays no attention to this problem, the less there will be real players at 7th arena and the more you will face the bots.


Thinking of dropping myself actually. I want trex DNA and the one or two I see in my city every 2 weeks isnt cutting it.


I agree. I am tired of fighting bots. I spent money on this game and I am now very disappointed. Time to quiet playing.


I am also tired of bots, hackers and uneven arenas. I have a good, solid team. I am strategic and understand how to battle but it doesn’t matter when my highest levels at 15, 16, 17 dinos, are taking on 25, 26, 27 level teams. I bounce up and down from Arena 6 to 7 and once all the way back down to 5 because of it. If it was true battle, then I’d know to reevaluate my team and get a new strategy, but it isn’t and so it’s getting tiresome and losing some appeal.


See I’m not even just dealing with high level. Theres also the fact that bots seem to be able to stun at the very least 80% of the time and this ruins your chance of proceeding.


I’ve encountered that quite a few times myself, ZvukZao. Really aggravating to not be able to get one move in.


I’m losing more because I pushed myself into higher ranks while trying to get gold. Instead of quitting, I get that I need to either drop down or level my dinos. I lose nothing when I don’t win. When more people level, you will see less bots. I’m sorry you are having a bad RNG with the stuns, though. That does suck.


As a courtesy to others, if you’re going to stay in the lower arenas, consider it a personal challenge to use your lowest-level dinos as well. It’ll promote having more people in the PVP queues if you lose a good battle than the discouragement that’ll come by smashing people at the entry point of the game with level 15+.


Oh dont worry! I wont make it unfair. Lol


This is what I have for now. If it seems to unbalanced I’ll make adjustments.


You get extra points for using a Dilophosaurus in the mix. <3


I don’t think I’ve encountered bots yet. But I can’t stand the cowards that switch dinosaurs everytime they’re about to lose. It’s pathetic


Switching when one is about to lose is smart tactics. Switching to maintain your one, key dinosaur to keep an overly-powerful advantage is limiting oneself to the single tactic. The problem is that, currently, it almost always works.

But me switching out a dinosaur that you abused to the point of exhaustion to one that hasn’t been touched isn’t inherently cowardly or pathetic, FYI. :wink:


Seems you’re one of the cowards. It isn’t smart it’s wrong. Fortunately for me everytime you guys pull that I win much easier. So I don’t really get why you all do it


You wouldnt like going against me then. I’m a wizard at timing with dinosaurs that hit and run. :grin:


I find your use of “coward” to be erroneously linked with “suicidal” then, and we’ll have to agree to disagree. If you were interested in those kinds of battles, I’d assume you’d petition for simpler one-on-ones. However, if I have the same number of dinosaurs as you, and you refuse to switch one out due to not wanting to appear “cowardly” at the cost of the battle, are you so certain I’m the one to blame for the loss?