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I Think I'm Done


To preface, I understand there are people who still like this game and that it’s not fun to read criticism of something you like, especially on the official forum. A lot of people complain on here but I think it’s not because they’re negative nancys but because this game just isn’t very good.

Don’t get me wrong- I loved the game at launch. I am a huge JP fan, played both of Ludia’s previous JP games and thought Alive was way better. I am extremely wary of f2p games because they tend to be more grifting scheme than actual game but Alive’s combat drew me in, so much so that I dropped a fair amount of cash on the game.

But now…

I barely play because the current season means I could drop by 500 trophies and then have to grind to get back to where I was before the next season launches.

As everyone has noted, spawns are way worse now.

I have 91 creatures waiting to be evolved. When you get to the Lv 21-22 range you have to drop massive amounts of coin to evolve. I don’t really want to spend any more money on this game and if I did it would be a few bucks here and there, but Ludia’s model clearly calls for me to drop a small fortune, as evidenced by their prices.

I keep hitting these points where I feel woefully underpowered because I don’t have a certain dino- at first it was the Indominus, then the Stegodeus and now Indoraptor. Every time I finally unlock said dino I feel more balanced at first… until I start facing lv 24-26 versions during the tourney for some reason.

And the Indoraptor… it just feels dumb and unsatisfying after so much grinding to get it. When I crush someone who doesn’t have one I don’t feel good. When mine is MIA and I get crushed I don’t feel good. When we both have indos it just seems like a random dice roll and is equally unsatisfying.

Overall that is my impression of the game now- it plays like a Vegas game except I pay real money but don’t win any. It’s 50% luck, 30% skill and 20% wealth.

And both here and on Reddit I see higher level players bemoaning the grind it takes to unlock the other uniques. What is my incentive to get to that point? It doesn’t sound fun and unlocking the indoraptor hasn’t done much for me. For the money Ludia you wants you to fork over you could buy dozens of richer console or PC games. Idk about you guys but I got a bunch of videogames for the holidays and I’m much more inclined to play those.

There is a balance you can hit with f2p where the model is profitable but players don’t feel like they’re being gouged. JW Alive is not in that sweet spot right now. Maybe Ludia will bring it back- if they do I might play again. But for now I’m much more interested in playing real games.


See ya :v: hope everything uninstalls successfully


What a great community amirite


For the most part, it is but I’m constantly reminded of the Simpsons and this scene.


Hate to see active players leaving, means it’s going to take longer and longer to find a match for a battle.


Sad to see people leave. It is what it is though.


Don’t sweat the Trophy points and it won’t matter. If battling upsets you just go for collecting.

Spawns. So it takes some time to get ‘the good’ Dino’s. What hurry are you in? Do you need them today? How long does it take to get to the top level items in a console game, one, two days maybe?

Don’t evolve them over level 20 if it takes too much coin.

You are bound to face much higher-level teams and better players with lower level teams at some point in the game. It is ok to lose to them. It is even ok to lose to ‘bad RNG’ too. If you cannot accept that it will happen, do not play the battle part of the game.

Don’t like Indo? Don’t use it. Others have it? Put a counter or two on your team. Even with a counter, or two, you might not have them picked and Indo still might run your team. It happens, you will survive.

You do not have to play ‘Vegas style’. Putting money in is your choice. As with anything in life, you want it faster it is going to cost ya.

Yes, it should be a grind to get the upper tier creatures. What kind of a game would it be if they handed them out like Halloween candy? Everyone would have them, then what?

Yes, you can sit at home and play console games. That is a choice you will have to make.

Yes again, there is that sweet spot F2P can be competitive. It certainly isn’t going to be at the same level of folks who play 8 or 12 hours a day and can afford to put money into advancing.

You do not have to shoot for top 10 to enjoy the game. It takes a certain kind of competitive person to put that much time, dedication and yes, money into the game to make it to the top. F2P are playing a different game on a different level. We are not going to have teams of level 30 Unique, ever. Accept that and you might enjoy the game more.

I am bringing all my Dino’s to a similar strength level, all of them. All will be interchangeable in battle, should I choose to try for an incubator. Trophy count does not matter to me, nor does being a certain range or status. I level them up as I get the coins and try them out on the team. If one needs to be one or two levels higher to fit in with the rest, I put it aside and save up to boost it a bit. If I create something and do not enjoy using it for battle, I bench it. Something gets nerfed? No biggie I have replacements at that level. Something gets buffed? Great, I have one ready to put on the team or enough DNA to evolve it and try it out before investing too much into it.

There are many, many Dino’s it will take me a long time to get, perhaps well over a year before I find enough DNA to even create them. I am fine with that. I do not have a need to have them today or even tomorrow. Create what you can with the DNA you have around you. Yes, even the trash ones ‘everyone’ says are not worth it. Some are not as horrible as ‘everyone’ says they are. Yes, they might not be top 10 team contenders, but, are great for adding to your team at a lower competitive level.

Level 20 is your threshold for coins? Great. Shoot for creating and bringing everything up to that range and see what Dino’s work for you. No need to make them any higher. No NEED to be in any certain Arena or trophy range if that is what stresses you.


Nice response

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Just do tapjoy offers instead of spending money. I haven’t spent any money on this game for a little while and I’m still able to level my dinos to 30 fairly easily. I just grind out about 10k worth of offers every time tapjoy does the 2x or 1.5x deals. It takes some effort but it’s cheaper than paying.


I’m a play for free with my priorities strait. I did do the VIP for 3 months & 1 level up offer but dropped it. The offers were not worth it. They got $32.98 which is a game worth. I see that no matter how far you get, you end up winning an average of 50% of the time. I’m patient and don’t need the instant gratification of leveling dino’s right when the green evolve flashes up the 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and the last one I did, 90K coins.

I’m not much for the PVP but my wife does constantly. I level dino’s for the epic strike events. My second account has gotten to the point of finally being able to win 3 of the last 4 epic towers.

For me, I’m only wasting my time but the cold & now snow and grind is wearing. I :poop: out after 6 months of Pokemon and can see this one going as my enthusiasm is starting to fade. I feel it. When it starts to feel like a job, it’s time to quit.

I’m starting to play other games now. I got a new VR game from my wife for Christmas to keep me busy the next two really cold months. I’m no speed demon with the games.

A break is good.


At least you were more polite and eloquent than most who say they will leave. I respect that. Though as others have said, it’s all part of the game. You’re probably frustrated 'cause you hit a wall and realized you won’t go much further than where you are now for a long time. It’s understandable. I went throught the same thing, but I stayed because I like the battles, I like this forum, I like my Alliance members, and of course, I like dinosaurs. :slightly_smiling_face:

If the pros aren’t reason enough for you to enjoy the game, leaving is probably the best option… or just take a break.


Nicely described. I guess it’s the process we all get through


I loved the game at first, and had the same experiences that soured gameplay.
The children…I’m sorry, the immature people on the forum and lack of consequences for breaking the rules also leaves a distaste in my mouth.
Fortunately, most people here are responsible and civil. Unfortunately, it only takes a few to ruin it.
The tapjoy offers have been fifty fifty, either they work or don’t. Personally, I don’t want to jeopardize my phone’s integrity/security to gain the equivalent of twenty or so bucks, my phone is worth more than that to me.
I’ve paid way more to play this than I can accept.

I’ve curtailed my play immensely.

I’m hoping Ludia addresses the issues we’ve continually told them exist.

I’d like to continue.

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To be fair, most people on this forum are awesome, and always willing to help if you have a question, a gripe, etc. You get the occasional clown shoe, and I am that occasional clown shoe at times, but for the most part it’s a pretty good community.

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I think that we are all going to go through this same process at some point. Its inevitable.

At its core, JWA is a very basic game with limited content and functionality. There just isn’t a lot going on with this game. Dart dinos, spin drops and fight other dinos in some fashion or another.

I’m hopeful that the devs will add some new content soon, something different then the same old stuff.


a huge problem is many people, like the OP, don’t understand how f2p games work. they want to play casually, spend little to no money, but still want to compete right up there with the big spenders/big time commitment players. this is completely unrealistic. they inexplicably blame the game.

the catastrophic, dumpster fire aspects should be the negative views and potential cause for quitting

  • dangling OP dinos infront of people, then nerfing them and saying “thanks for the coins”
  • giving top ranking players totally useless incubators for tournament rewards
  • having every attack in the game be subject to RNG dice rolls and wins being mostly luck
  • bugs that have been in the game since the soft launch with no plan to ever fix them
  • re-doing nearly every dino for every single update, etc.
  • removing spawns from the game, then trying to sell them to us

if you quit, quit for that. not because you’ve put a fraction of effort of top players in the game, but still think you should compete with them, because every game will disappoint you with that mindset.


Agree with most points.

Even if you have 1 million or even trillion cash and coins, how is it possible to level up your team if almost every dino spawn rate have been nerfed significantly?

And that (dino spawn rate) is an essential element of the game. The Dev clearly messed it up.

With dozens other bugs affecting gameplay not addressed - despite many others have pointed it out… and guess what…? They said they listen…:thinking::rofl:

I am not a big fan of games. Not mobile ones specifically. I took up JWA as a complimentary to PoGo - the two games that my kids and I share the same interests. But with the spawn rate nerfed, now if we went out together, we’ll be able to dart mostly Suchomimus, Eini, Diplo and Majung. Where is the fun…?

I’ve decided to battle in the lower arenas to fill my incub slots. And I am among those that don’t believe the game, especially arena battles are about skills. Maybe skill does play a minor role i.e. 5%. The rest are luck based - dinos selection, RNG, etc.

And to add to the misery, yes, Indorap is a pain. But there is some other dinos which takes away the fun from battling in the arenas especially at the mid- higher Arena 10. And every time we have to pray for the counter dinos are among the 4 dinos got selected for battle. How is it that this got to do with skills? Pray that the counter dinos got selected is skill?.. :thinking::rofl:

By the way, there is only 2-3 dinos which can counter it. And needless to say the counters need to be a high level one.


The biggest downside for me, aside from the spawn nerfs and bugs, is how the developers ignore certain aspects of the game we’ve all complained about.
My biggest gripe is continually pushing a button for LITERALLY hours on end to level up a creature.
Fun gameplay? I think not. Sure, you can rationalize your wasted time by saying you do it over a period of days. But in the end, you’ve wasted just as much time uselessly pushing a button thousands of times to level up a creature. My creatures are only level 21, can’t imagine maxing them all out.

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I feel like they nerfed the spawns to keep everyone from leaving someplace warm for a digital dinosaur. I’m reasonably confident they’ll put spawns back to normal in 1.6.


He prob works for niantic trying to ruin jwa for legit players ROFL


I have gone F2P as of today. Not worth putting real money and time into this game. Biggest turn-off for me is spawn mechanics. I feel that people in L1/L2 have a huge advantage over people in L3/L4. I cannot hunt frequently in the former areas due to work and other commitments, so my team kept on falling back, despite the money and time I put into the game…