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I think it is time for me to say goodbye

First of all. What a beautiful game. Honestly. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the staff involved with the game. The level of detail on the dinosaurs is absolutely astonishing and is representative of the efforts of the Ludia staff. I want to thank you for the memories I now have, thinking of what a kaprosuchus must have looked like, or getting my first indominus rex. I will always remember maxing out my favourite prehistoric creature Dunkleosteus and wondering what the late Devonian seas must have been like. Again, thank you.

Secondly, Paleontology as a whole owes Ludia great thanks, and although I do not represent the industry, I can say any attention brought to prehistoric life is important. We need to know where we come from and get a better understanding of our fragility as an oasis in the universe.

I have always loved dinosaurs. I have always loved this game because of that. It is very saddening to see the business management aspect destroy the beauty of this game. It has eaten it from the inside out with microtransactions designed to prey on those who are foolish enough to pay obscene amounts of money for such a small gain in the game. I can’t support this and have not only cancelled my subscription but am preparing to leave the game completely.

Regardless of what people say is the right way of managing this game, because it is a business full of passionate and compassionate people, who have families and mouths to feed. Regardless of what people say is the right way of managing this game, through customizations or vip memberships, I think we all know the current mindset the higher ups have is what is killing this game.

I believe it is fully possible to make this game wonderful on all fronts. And the talented people of Ludia have shown nothing but pure art. To the people of Ludia, you guys should feel proud of what you have accomplished. It’s with a great regret I have to end my relationship with you guys. I wish you nothing but the best and I hope we reconnect in the future.


Thanks for pouring your heart out, Anon. I sometimes ponder what I’d do if and when I too quit this game. I might quit chasing dinos and fighting battles, but I’ll still keep the game around, for some of the reasons you mentioned, of which a few never even crossed my mind before, but are so true nonetheless. Protest the business part of things, but keep appreciating the intricate design that will help bolster your love for Paleontology and your favorite dinosaurs. Stop the chase, but keep the love. :heart:


Well said @RaddishAnon and I totally understand your frustration.

Though I’m personally not there yet, as you said the game is beautiful especially when you love dinosaurs. It’s also totally valid that Ludia wants to earn money with the game, but I agree that their practice has taken the complete wrong direction.

I’m now back at an F2P status and will see if I can still enjoy the game. I’d be willing to pay again and support the game monetarily at one point, but this would require fundamental changes first from Ludia’s site.