I think it’s casual time for me

I hit my wall in the Arena around Top 100, and I’m honestly not feeling motivated to push further. It would take considerable time and money to catch up to the teams ahead of me and to keep pace with the players on the rise… especially being choked for useful spawns. I’m definitely not quitting, I love this game, but I think it’s time to chillax a little bit.
Maybe a REAL migration would change that a bit… Ludia :neutral_face:


I dont see why they dont do monthly rotations for every zone.

And with no way of telling what zone you are in (visit a 3rd party site) it makes it even harder to find what ypu want.

They sure make this game much harder to play/enjoy then it should be.


You don’t need a third-party app to tell you which zone you are in. Go to Metahub. They have a graphic for every zone. Save the graphic to your phone/tablet or just memorize a couple of common Dinos and you are good to go.


Metahub is a third party site though.

I think they should give each zone a different colored supply drop, or draw borders around the zones so we dont have to tab out of game and go to a 3rd party site to see where we are, or where we need to be to catch “x”.


I’m down for monthly rotations, but I have no problem identifying what zone I’m in. I have 10-12 of each zone in my mental map. It’s just that… nothing is ever there lol.


I normally watch the JWA screen all day. Never know when something might spawn.

Only now you do know it won’t spawn. Barely 4 rares a day spawn. Maybe 1 is relevant. Only so many times you can walk for hours without reward in a huge city. Maybe Ludia have protected Canada and nearby States which is kind of vile if true.

I’m not quitting but I’m certainly not wasting my time trying to play while working. Strictly a 1 hour a day walking game until Ludia sack some people. That’s enough to spin stops which is only thing still working. Current spawns are a tenth of acceptable. If they ever fix it we can make progress then.

Left my alliance now thanks DPG UK.

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The Rares have been great since 1.5 imo. But one cannot survive on Rares alone.

I’m watching your vid atm, grats on the new creatures :ok_hand:t2:

You don’t think you can memorize 4 Dinos? Deino = 1/Dracorex = 2/Diplo = 3/Suchomimus = 4. I hope this helps

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Thank god for the event dinos, otherwise we would all be fighting raptors and stegos.


Thanks! Now the LONG grind begins.

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Yes sir, I can. But sometimes it not that easy when the zones are full of globals and you dont see one of those 4 dinos anuwhere on screen.

This is only a real.problem when exploring though. Sometimes I cross zones and all I see are barry G2 etc etc

But if i went from blue supply drops to orange supply drops, I would know whats up then.

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True. Colored stops would let you know for sure.


All I see are miles of majungs with the occasional nundas. What zone is that?

Define 'casual’

I think that this is a great idea, then everyone gets a chance to catch the ‘common’ dino ingredients that they need to make their hybrids. Especially if they make a fair distribution of much needed/wanted commons (euplocephalus, parasauralophus, dracorex Gen 2, tanycolagrius, lytrhonax, etc) across all the zones instead of in just one or 2.