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I think I've cracked the code to aquatics!

So here it is, the aquatic update.
We’ve all been waiting and innovating on how to put aquatic creatures in the game and I think I know how! The only drawback is that Ludia would have to remake nearly the whole game.
So firstly, there is now 2 different maps one land and the other, you guessed it,aquatic. To go from one map to the other there are 2 buttons to represent land and sea that are located just above the map button. The aquatic map looks just the same as the land map but it is blue in colour. In the day and at dawn and dusk it is light blue, and at night it is dark blue.creatures spawn in the same way as land creatures and amphibians and Crocs (e.g. diplocaulus, koolasuchus, purrusaurus, sarcosuchus) can be found both on land and in the sea.aquatics just float above the ground in the aquatic map and scents can only draw either aquatics or land creatures based on which map you are on. Strike events are also divided into land and aquatic versions. They have the same titles but just have different creatures guarding the reward and different DNA given. Aquatic creatures also have their own arena for battling and their own raid bosses. land creatures cannot battle aquatic raids and neither can aquatics battle land raids the 2 creature types also cannot face off in battle.the pvp battle screen is now divided into 2 different types. Aquatic battling and land battling
Certain creatures like diplocaulus, koolasuchus, purrusaurus, sarcosuchus and other creatures which can live both on land and on water can be found in both maps and in both arenas. Hybrids between land and aquatics are also allowed too

So, do you think my idea is plausible? Will it work or does it have a few gaping holes in it? What do you think?

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This isn’t a new idea at all. It’s probably the most obvious one, but it has issues because adding a whole new map and arena to a mobile game could be problematic. Otherwise if they can make that work it’s fine.


It would be nice but basically doubling the game in size when we already have performance issues might not be the best idea unfortunately ;(


This Idea will BE TOTALLY NICE AND GREAT to play. If this happens i will play sooo much. Plz Ludia do this idea. It will be great and i see it just happenend and i see it already how it is to play: PERFECTION AND NICE :slight_smile: plz do it :slight_smile:

Not really. I mean, it’s not like the whole game is downloaded to the phone and if JWtG can handle a park, three separate arena’s and everything else it does, I’m sure JWA can handle a different map.

Actually, Jurassic world the game is where I got some of my inspiration from

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JWA is a much more complex game compared to JWtG so comparing the 2 doesn’t really stack up

JWA current map and arena are full of bugs and issues so adding a whole other map and arena is a bad idea

Fix the game we have first :sweat_smile:

Aquatics are a distant pipe dream


It’s not entirely the same. Aquatics in JWTG don’t show up on ther own individual spaces on your park, they all share the same space. Same with their cenozoics. That saves a lot of data and memory, I’m sure. Combat in JWTG is also a lot simpler, so it’s more optimized. It also likely has a larger player base: according to the google play store, JWTG surpassed 50 million downloads, while JWA only surpassed 10 million. So JWTG possibly has more than triple the playerbase that JWA has, easily enough to populate it’s three arenas.

That said, I do think JWA could handle a different map - it’s just an image after all, and they already change map aesthetics all the time. It’s more JWAs ability to sustain two separate arenas with a smaller and likely shrinking playerbase that I’m worried about.


Your suggestion for implementing aquatics is still the best solution I’ve seen, by far!

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