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I think Ludia will put another dino on the daily missions tomorrow


Today’s alank’s is the grand finale to her stay at the daily missions. last chance for eveybody to get some dna.

Tomorrow will be another one. Probably sino.


Do you have a source on this?


Honestly, if they switch out alanqa it will be for stygi… while id like it to be a valuable epic… i just dont see them doing it.

But what makes you think there gonna switch it tomorrow?

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maybe because the tournament will end tomorrow as well (but I have no clue if they will change it)


Yeah but theyve never even given the indication they plan on switching it… i mean i hope they do and i hope its not stygi… but theyve never changed the dna you get from the vip defeat 10 creatures incubators… always stygi or alanqa something better in those could drive vip subs… there is certain dna they are comfortable handing to us… and its stygi and alanqa as far as epics go.

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one can hope :smiley:



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That made me laugh.

If they really change it it will most likely be Stygi. Another arena classic. No way they put such a coveted dino as sino. It’ll be something worthless as the tournament rewards.

You should know ludia better by now…


none whatsoever. it’s just a guess


Won’t change till the update I’m guessing