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I think my team has too much resilient

Hello new here to the the forum

Wanna ask your guys opinion on my team since I’m having a hard time with thors and monolos in aviary


Honestly I think it’s fine. Resilients are meta currently so having your team composition altered to the side of resilient class is perfectly fine. Having one base cunning & one base fierce is also great, and Tryko, Ardent, Rhino, Quetzorion, and Smilo are all generally awesome. So I honestly have no suggestions currently.

Edit: Maybe add manga for smilo but that’s about it.


It honestly looks fine to me. Magna might be worthy of a spot if you wanted, but your team isn’t bad by any means. Since Thor is the only pure fierce unique and Indoraptor and Erlidominus are pretty bad, most of the unique meta is resilient pretty much by default.


Also, since last time I’ve talked to you. (Around a month ago) You’ve improved so much!

If I remember correctly you only had 3 uniques. So keep up the good work :grin:


Your team looks really good, you just need to work on levelling them up to stand a chance against the monsters in Aviary.


quetzorion could be exchanged…for Magna

Thanks minmi yeah I’ve been playing too much recently dare I say I’m addicted :joy:

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Yeah I was gonna use magna but I unlocked quetzo first I think when magna is stronger I’ll use him

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A ton of boosted monolos rixis and thors :smile: gonna boost my creatures health more to survive hits :+1:

Thanks gonna put magna in when it’s stronger currently ready for 22

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I use both and I love using both, although Magna is probably slightly more relevant.

My team has too many cunnings, 6 of them and one of them will NEVER unless it gets a good hybrid, leave my team and that would be Grylenken