I think someone has hacked my phone

Yesterday I had 190k on Jurassic world alive. The day after had i 16k. My velociraptor was at level 18, but its at level 21 now. I also lost 700 epic Trex DNA, but I have more Indominus rex and raptor DNA now. I think someone have hacker nto my phone and was trying to create the indoraptor gen 1. Ludia, do you now what could have happen?

U have children?

The only thing I could think of is logical is that I did it when I was aslip, but I have never done things aslip before. And I dont Even want the Indoraptor gen 1

Hey anon87407434, if you contact our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key, our team can try to take a closer look to see what might have happened.


Another possibility is while inside your pocket, your phone somehow unlocked while the game was active, and you were not aware. And random tapping caused the fusing to occur. I know it sounds incredible, but it happened to me but slightly differently. I “bought” an epic incubator while the phone was inside my pocket. And din even realise it til I check my ingame hc, and found out I got 2 epic incubators.

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I noticed I was missing a bunch of green bucks with no clue where they went. Then I noticed I had over 300 darts which I also didn’t understand. Then put 1 and 1 together and learned how easy accidental pocket purchases are.

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