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I think that ludia should given some credit

Over the course of this game we have had many ups and downs. We have endured indo gen 2, but also enjoyed some updates. There the golden era of 0.1 till 1.6 and recently 2.1 till 2.1. But what I am trying to say is that we should cut Ludia some slack. We always say Ludia messed this up and Ludia messed that up, but we never say how much they put effort in trying to make the game good for us to play.image .
Ludia will find a way for us to enjoy this game, but until then we need to support them. Hope you can understand what I am trying to say


Hopefully Ludia will respond to the update 2.5 comments and no new creatures released

i will give them credit for the odd thing like the dart sale every day since the pandemic started…they could have ended that ages ago but they didnt’ so kudos there. They seem to ahve upped the strikes and toweres etc so if you are stck in a location you may ahve a shot at least of getting a few.
matchmaking no kudos for you
2.4 and 2.5 update couple of interestign things but not really and update so some kudos.
boost resets kudos for that one ages ago but it needs to be more its not like that will advantage the super top playes they probably own the boost factory :slight_smile: but it does help everyone else especially idiots like me who throw the wrong boosts ont eh wrong dinos… so half a kudo from before but no kudos now

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Dude, you’re not going to get new creatures every month, relax. We just got new creatures a few weeks ago, now they focus on balancing then creatures again. These updates used to be much less frequent so give it a rest

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Yeah but support can be gained by hearing public opinions tooo…like some creature rebalancing

They shouldn’t get kudos for balancing creatures. They should get brickbats for making arena a RNG fest and for making players think creature balancing would make an iota of difference.

I like how Ludia makes Scutosaurus a beast compared to Inostrancevia.

I happily give Ludia huge credit for introducing alliances, weekly rewards, monthly championship and most of all the raids.

What I don’t give them any credit for is the pvp matchmaking, in game chat, friendly battles, emotes, blood in the game and other unnecessary additions that merely slow the game down and create more bugs. And I certainly don’t give any credit for the way they changed the game from one which required a heavy grind to collect dna and build your team up to one that could be easily bought.


Blood is a qaulity of life improvement if you don’t like it turn it off

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