I think the flagging feature should be removed

Ok so we all know the flagging feature exists on this forum, which basically allows someone to press a button and hide your post until it can be moderated, well I believe we shouldn’t have such power, and here is why.

  1. Members often abuse the flagging feature by using it to flag, and therefore hide, posts they don’t agree with, basically using it to hide things that clash with their own opinion.
  2. Flagging someones post is censorship based on your own opinion of the contained material.
  3. We aren’t moderators or staff members, so why do we have the power to moderate another persons post as if we are the forum police?

For the record, I have never flagged someones post and never will, as I believe I do not have the right to arbitrarily censor another persons opinion based on how I feel about it.

Like how many times have you had a post that someones flagged, simply because it wasn’t what they wanted to hear, as it was contrary to their own opinion? This is what most of the flag parade misuse the feature for.

So yeah, please consider restricting moderation powers to staff members only.

A way to report a post will suffice, so that if its racist or vulgar, the real staff will be alerted and can deem whether it needs to be moderated or not. A normal member should not have the power to censor another members post!

Also those found abusing the flagging system to hide opinions that differ from what they believe, should be punished in some way, as forced censorship is one of the things wrong in some places in the world, and should be avoided in forums as the whole point of a forum is to discuss and have varied opinions on things, NOT to hide opinions that you personally don’t agree with.


Flagged your post! :wink:


Lol when I finished posting this I was half expecting someone too :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like a flagged post shouldn’t be hidden until it has a decent handful of flags, maybe five or more, that way if someone says something bigoted or vulgar, presumably enough people will flag it to hide it, but if someone just posts an opinion someone else disagrees with, the single flag wouldn’t actually do anything but alert a staff member.

I also believe this forum desperately needs a block function, that way people would have the option of self moderating their own experience without affecting the experience of others, it would likely cut down on false-flagging a lot if instead people had the option to simply block someone they knew they didn’t get along with in order to avoid future clashes with them.


Yep totally agree, was looking for the block feature the other night and noticed I couldn’t find one, why is this @Ludia_Developers?

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