I Think There Should Be A Hybrid With Carno And Baryonyx Gen 2

I Think There Should Be A Hybrid With Carno And Baryonyx Gen 2 And Should Be Called Carnonyx Or Something. Just A Cool Idea For The Game. :ok_hand:

If something like carno gen 2 or toro gets added, it should be a component. The carno we currently have in the game already has way too many hybrids.


Wth the amount of hybrids carno makes currently? Absolutely not.


Please no. No more Carno hybrids. The little rat has enough already and is stupid hard to find, no more please…

Multi-Fusion Duh! Youo know at Lv. 15 you are a GOD!

yeha too many carno hybrids as it is pick another card :stuck_out_tongue:

nope you guys aren’t cool. carnos are awesome like SR3!

Carno already makes 3 creatures by itself, which, as we have seen, it’s the max amount of hybrids a creature can have by itself.
So no, we can’t and we shouldn’t have another Carno hybrid. Perhaps a Gen 2 could work, but not the original.


If its carno gen 2 or some other variation of carno yea sure
But no we have too many carno hybrids

Carno gets another hybrid…queue eye twitch

Just because they’re cool doesn’t mean we should add another Carno hybrid.

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Carno is a very proud parent

Why did you capitilize every word? Thats my question🙃

Don’t Know To Me It Just Looks Better Than Lower Case Letters.