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I think this can be a good idea

Just a thing idea for apexes and another raids:

Ludia changes this: from now you can select the diffucult kf the raid: like for the starters like level 1 2 or 3. 1 is the easiest: like for apexes max level 15… level 2 would be max level 20 - level 25 and level 3 is max level 30… would be this nice for people who want to defeat those but can’t because they are to strong?

So you want that everybody can unlock Apexes that easy?

Already today it is not hard. We see a lot of teams of lvl 20-25 Uniques with lvl 26+ Apexes.

This already now destroys the arena. So why should we want that someone with level 15 creatures can unlock level 26 apexes?

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But then not for them in arena. Just like you need to be at least level 15~ to play with them in arena at least in aviari or one down… but for map battles you can
( and i really want to beat one…)

What fif you wanted to say?

Yeah, no. Apexes are already really easy to get, and enforcing a player level cap won’t really do much since I’ve seen level 20s as low as Sorna (that aren’t droppers). Apexes are supposed to be end game. You shouldn’t be able to get them really early. I can go into more detail if you want me to.

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Damm… i wish it was just a little easier… cant even beat an legendary like damm indorex. ( can max beat raids bosses at epic range like blue… then i’m just bad…)