I think this should have been how the tournament should have been

Just me thinking of a better reward system for a boost tournament and it goes as follows

30 trophies-10 boosts
60 trophies- 20 boosts
90 trophies- 30 boosts
120 trophies- 40 boosts
150 trophies- 50 boosts
180 trophies- 60 boosts
And so on so forth because the current reward system really sucks

Really 1 boost for 30 trophies? 2 boosts for 60 trophies. This kills the incentive to ever be a part of this tournament.

I hope this helps you out Ludia for when you decide to do another boost tournament.

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Reward system sucks.

From Top 20.000 to 500: 40 boost difference
From Top 500 to Top 250: 60 boost difference

Either that or:
30 trophies for 50 boosts
60 trophies for 100 boosts
90 trophies for 150 boosts
120 trophies for 200 boosts
150 trophies for 250 boosts
190 trophies for 300 boosts

I’d be fine with that. I’m at 600 so that works out to 10 full tiers. That’d be ALOT to give out though.

I know some will disagree and say they enjoyed it, glad they had fun with it. I personally couldn’t stand this tourny. I played prob over 8 hours of battles this wknd. And have 1… ONE boost to show for it!!! All my battling, and my reward is one boost. Terrible system in place. How about every 10 battles you play, you get 1 or 2 boosts. Something different should happen, because this tournament was not fun what so ever. If not for the desirable rewards, I would have stopped playing after about 5 battles