I think this team might do it for the meta

Decided to tweak my team a bit to adapt to the meta of the arena. Total Immunity with the exception of Thor because I am too stubborn to take her off my team. What do you all think? Any feedback is appreciated. The only ones that are boosted are Thor, Erlidom, and Indom. I took out the Rat because it is a boring and linear dinosaur.


I’m not sure where you are on trophies but that team will need some good rng and Thor go be chosen over half the time to stay in upper Aviary.

It’s a good idea but if your weakest 4 are picked they will be wiped out so quickly that you will probably begin to rage quit matches


One big thing to say is about Monolometrodon, it’s a really really bad Magna. It doesn’t pull its own weight even at above team level and I would replace asap. Maybe with something that stops Indo2 which potentially sweeps your team. I assume you are Aviary which is when you have to start thinking about beating the Tyrants. Also I think double Indominus + Erlidom/Indo2 will be hard to manage because they use the same dna.
Sorry, I only said mean things, Erlidom and Indo2 are really great, and having a lot of immunes definitely helps. You have a good number of nullifiers as well :smile:

I am at a little over 4500 but close to 4600 trophies. I originally was at 4800 trophies but the glorious matchmaking screwed me over.

So who would I change Monolemetrodon for? I could put Indo in but then there is that silly loophole that shows she is not totally immune.

What other dinos you got?

I understand you want all Immune. But that may not be possible depending on how you are with other dinos. If you have both gemini and max developing get them soon. They are supposedly the best.

Tryko, Dioraja, Smilonemys, Utahsino, tarkus, monosteg, thyla. Do you currently have these? I know they are non immune. But they are all 10 times better than monolometrodon

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I am working on Maxima. Gemini is too far out of grasp. I have Monostego, Thyla, utahsino and tarkus. I do not have Utahsino on my team because Raptors are known paper mache in arena. I put Indo in place of Monolemetrodon. I do not have smilonemys, tryko or dioraja

if you’re looking for things to counter the metta, alloraptor is good if you can get her to team level. ( i suggest lv 21 to start taking out maximas) she’s pretty good against tanks.

i’ve seen other people suggest dsungaia as she is seldom seen, throws some off, and can be a decent indo g2 counter.

and tarkus isn’t bad either. i still see some now and again. can be a deadly counter if not prepared.

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I have Alloraptor but she is not at team level. On top of that I have not ran into any Maxima lately. I have tried Dsung once and she was paper mache. I have had Tarkus on my team and she would always get one shotted by chompers like Thor.

I would suggest tarkus, monosteg, or thyla as replacement for monolometrodon. Tarkus has precise rampage. Good move.

You need the TRex DNA to level up Erlidominus. If you have to share with indoG1, then progress would be slower.

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Psst, Indo gen 2 isn’t 100% immune :wink:

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I know Indo Gen 2 is not totally immune. I keep her because she is powerful. She is like my Queen of Spades. Lol

I will do that then. Rexy DNA is a pain to come by and takes forever to FIP. Only thing that is preventing me from progressing quicker is being broke than the Joker playing poker with coin


I saw your reply to Whistler, Tarkus is a really good dino and fairly easy to level. Thyla is good as well, like Tarkus easy to beg for DNA from alliance mates. Maxima will be really great when you unlock it. To deal with Thors (that easily kills most tanks) you can swap out the Indominuses for a fast distracter, depending on what DNA is easiest for you to get. I think Smilo would be good to add some bulk on your team, which currently has a weakness to fast hard hitting dinos (Orion, Yoshi, Erlidom)… and it smashes Thor 100%

This team is so frail though… It could use some THICC members

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I like it! Looks to me like it’ll do the job. It might not be your style, but something I also like to do is keep 2 swap-in dinos on the squad so I can always make good use of all 4 dinos in my lineup. Dracocera & Thylacotator serve me well. I actually took my level 25 Thor out for my level 22 Thylacotator. That’s how much I like it.

Having something like Thylacotator on your team allows you to run the papier mache dinos like Dsungaia and Tarkus.
I strongly recommend Tarkus, I’ve beaten Erlidoms, Proceras and Utasinos with my unboosted level 20.
It can also take out Indoraptors of both Gens if they’ve taken damage, since with Superiority Strike+Precise Rampage you get guaranteed damage against the opponent.

I know what you mean about being broke, that’s why I haven’t tried out Indom G2 on my team. I got it to 16 then chickened out and went back to saving coin for hybrid ingredients. At level 17, it won’t be terrible, but it might not be able to pull its weight against higher level boosted dinos. Same for Tryo, especially since it doesn’t do well against Dodgers.

Do you have Phorusaura? It does well unboosted, is great at revenge-killing, and can be swapped in as a last resort. It can also dodge Cloaked Rampages and DSRs, so that’s useful. Sometimes you can just wait out Evasive Stance with Sidestep, then finish off Indoraptors with it.

Yes I do have Phorusaura. The only issue is it is too low of a level

That a pretty solid team with some good swap in potential, but Monolo is it’s weakness. The Indom’s catch me off guard when I run into them and I forgot the G2 had definite strike. Yeah… I lost that one. LOL

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I have only encountered the yin yang Indoms once together in battle. It was quite interesting. Lol