I think we are soon having new kind of hybrids



I think I’m onto something here. Maybe some kind if machine dinos in 1.6 :thinking:


Gold! 1010


I saw some of those last night. I darted them hoping they’d be special but they weren’t. :pensive:



This 1 scares me a bit


Took this screenshot long ago… Might need to research this…


Rocket powered turbo dimorphodon. Can attack the turn before is swapped in.


That is great. Ludia, steal @Jnuttengr’s idea!!!


That’s just a doduo is quite common in PoGo


Happy or very angry can’t tell.


That looks more to me like the kind if party everyone wears a mask to and nobody gives a name



Seriously though tenonto and edmonto fusion on horizon likely, was seen in data mine