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I think we should have a new hybrid called ''Sindominus''

Sindominus is an unique hybrid that made with Sinoceratops and Indominus Rex Gen 2.

Speed: 113


Definite Strike
Armor Piercing Rampage
Instant Charge

Passive effects:

Counter attack 0.25x (gets disabled while using cloak)

Dear god no. No more sino hybrids with instant charge.


Sino already has 2 uniques… and 4 hybrids total. There are many other things that dont have a hybrid, and deserve one much more


Why Sino? I would much rather a new um Triceratops like dinosaur (Idk what they’re called don’t yell at me pls) be added and have that get a hybrid.

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I don’t think we need another sino hybrid. However, that doesn’t mean Indom G2 shouldn’t get another. I don’t think it needs to be erlidom g2, but you can do something really interesting with it.

instead of sino, how about a new epic (or at the very least rare) stego gen 2?


Udanoceratops would be a pretty cool ceratopsian with a little different look.

Indom G2 can maybe be mixed with a Fisher theropod. Maybe Spino G2 or Suchomimus.

Or, maybe it can be paired with an Ankylosaur like Ankylosaurus G2.

So an immune dino with instant charge… That’s sounds interesting. Though i am not sure where the counter attack coming from. Furthermore wouldn’t be a little op since the cloak would double the damage of the counter attack too…