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I think your Cloak is not going to help


A bit of desperation there I’m not going to lie I’ve been in that situation before done exactly the same :joy:


I’ve done this before with a little higher number to get them to waste their rampage. Then I bring out Thor or Utahsino to make use of that instant damage. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes not.


Although I don’t know what their 4th dinosaur was or how much health it had, it looks like it wasn’t going to matter what they did. So they just did something.

I think we’ve all been in this situation :joy:


It’s just as weird as when they use it against (a faster) Quetzorion. But yeah, the last hope as it were :sweat_smile:

I see it all the time. Either they cloak when they’ll die anyway or they swap in something without a swap-in attack and it dies all the same. Some people have said that it is the AI - but I don’t think it is that all the time, and others have said that it’s a “I know I’m going to lose but on my terms” approach.


Going out in a blaze of glory. Lol

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Hoping to pull a Kowalski from Vanishing Point.


Vanishing Point is a 70’s iconic car chase movie that ends in Kowalski driving a classic Dodge Charger into two parked bulldozers, the point of which leads to much speculation.

One theory is he saw the glimmer of light between the blades as an escape route and hoped to cross over safely into another dimension.

Some speculate the writers just ran out of ideas…it was a 70’s car chase movie.

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