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I though 1.6 did fix the matchmaking a little


Yep, I though 1.6 did fix the matchmaking a little bit, because I had quite a few pleasant fights until today, then, the good whole horrible matchmaking hit me in the face again. Just lost 8 matches in a row, and every single opponents where two levels above mine (I’m level 14, they were ALL level 16 except maybe one I forgot to check). Their dinos were not so bad though (pretty much the same dinos I had, but mostly 1 or 2 levels above mine). Not as bad as the usual players who unranked themselves.

My feeling so far was that Ludia did improve the old horrible matchmaking a bit, but tonight prove me wrong. What do you think?

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AFAIK, matchmaking is still based only on trophy count, meaning your opponent could be any level and have any level dinos. If he/she drops levels on purpose and then puts back his good team, you’re going to run into this situation. Or, if you happen to go on a hot streak, you can pair up with someone who was higher than you on a cold one and this same thing will happen.

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I knew it was like that before 1.6 update (truly horrible) but when 1.6 came out, I had a bunch of very decent games when I was winning half, loosing half, but it made it look like they did fix something a little bit. Tonight, I got the confirmation that they didn’t fix the matchmaking at all. Yes, it’s still purely based only on trophy count, which is totally stupid since so many players are simply unranking to win quick games while making this game so horrible for legit players… Here’s the last guy I fought, a few minutes ago. Only 3310 trophy, but player level 16 and with Indoraptor level 22! At 3300 trophy, this Indoraptor can likely take out 3 dinos by itself, from players with a legit 3300!!! Oh well, I kind of like all the new stuff they have added, so I’ll still hang around a little (while still hoping they will fix matchmaking), but sure enough, I’ll likely quit soon if they don’t. The new features are nice, but not nice enough to suffer such bad matchmaking.


I don’t think matchmaking in this game is based on levels, it’s based on arena/trophies. So if u are in the average arena for ur level, u should see mostly average opponents as well. But if somebody decided not the fight in arena until they had high levels, then u might face them in battle, because u are in same arena with similar trophies. The plus side is, losing to someone much better than u doesn’t make u lose many trophies.


Still, went from 3600 to 3300 trophies tonight, with close to 100% of my opponent being level 16 while I just became 14. I lost count, but it’s probably around 14 losses for 2 wins. Once again, I had an 8 losses in a row! The most typical matchmaking should try to match you with somebody who lost the same amount of games in a row as you did. You lost two, you get matched with somebody who just lost two. You lost 3 in a row, again, matched with somebody who lost 3, etc, etc. After loosing 7 games in a row, this game still match you with a guy who many levels above yours and likely won the last 7 games in row. You’re wondering where their programmers went to school! If Ludia really want players to lower their trophy count, then they should simply disable some high level dinos as they are going down. Player could still play but only using typical dinos found in the lower levels they want to play. I sometime pity new players, as I’m wondering if sometime they get to face an Indoraptor at 1000 trophy? Or as soon as they get into the game…


For goodness sake people, please read and understand… And I hope anyone else preparing to make this post also reads and understands.

The matchmaking isnt broken, it is trophy based. If you hit 4k trophies and start facing people 2 levels above you, those people are around 4k trophies. It would be ridiculous to base it off dino level or player level because I could simply not level my dinos endless trophies with a team of lvl 10 dinos, become #1 by not leveling. If you gain trophies the competition will get harder forcing you to rise to them, that means you will always, ALWAYS, reach a point that everyone close to your trophy level has higher levels than you or simply is better than you. Youll get beat down until you reach people at your own level then win your way up… Rinse repeat. It doesnt work to always pit you against a player of equal level or dinos of equal level… It CANT.

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Please, name any other game where the top player in the world, could simply voluntary lower his own status so the next day he can be matched with the lowest player in the world. As far as I know, in most game, once you achieve a certain level, you are matched with players with somewhat the same level, and there’s nothing you can do about it. In this game, so many players are simply unranking themselves, so they can save time winning incubator (which is still a decent part of the game). The problem is not that players are two levels above us, it’s the fact that they should be at 4500 trophies based on the dinos they have, but instead, they have lowered (unrank) their trophy count to 3000 so they can quickly win battles. I love this game, and there’s nothing I would like more than being able to face players who have the same trophy count than me (legit!). The only way to prevent voluntary unranking is simply to add another aspect to matchmaking. I’m not saying removing trophy count, but simply adding either player level as well, or somewhat matching dinos. So, unranking would become useless. Seriously, I’m thinking of unranking myself to see how low I can go. Maybe I can pounce level 1 players after all.

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Yeah, well, this is exactly why it’s broken. :smiley:

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Literally… Any game with a ranking system. Otherwise the number 1 player would always be number 1. As I stated in as I wish you could all figure out on your own if it always matched you against players of the same level you could rise to number one without ever leveling a Dino. Dinosaur levels and player levels will always go up as you achieve higher ranks that is the way it is going to work and it should work


You again… Yes, everything YOU think MUST be true right? What a surprise theres yet another aspect of the game you whine or cry about


Do I know you? You should possibly spend less time in internet forums if you have already created user files, lol.

I don’t know if you play other online games as well, but there are so many games handling ranking and matchmaking better. You could match players with similar XP or break up the player levels and divide them into smaller ranges. So you match players that at least in theory had the same time to build a team. That’s how many other games deal with matching. Not perfect, but still way better and way more fair.

There are tons of possibilities to make matchmaking more fair, other games can do it as well. Simly because their developers seem to care and make their mind up before rushing a game to be ready when a movie comes to theatres.

PS: At the moment is seems you are like the only person crying here :wink:

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You want everyone to have a shot at the guys who’ve built full L30 teams in a month, not just the top 100? :rofl:

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I think maybe you should pay attention to which of us posts more on this forum before you decree I should spend less time on it. Dude, all you do is complain, we had the same discussion on a different thread a week ago. You complain about everything yet here you are and you also happen to be wrong yet completely sure of yourself.


Since it’s a p2w game you will always have an advantage if you spend money to make your team better, but matching a LVL 15,5 player with another 15,5 player at least seems to be a more fair approach than to let him face a LVL 18 player, who will always have a more advanced team. The mm is, how it is at the moment, not working anyways, what could you do wrong with trying to improve it. Wouldn’t get worse I guess.

Dealing with spoofers is a different story. Not much matchmaking can do about it besides ban them from matchmaking (which is never going to happen).

But I am sure there are other approaches, no saying mine is the best. I am simply not happy with people saying that mm is fine how it is, because it clearly isn’t ^^

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If you don’t agree with me, feel free to counter my arguments, should be easy if I am wrong. But please stop being so salty :slight_smile:

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I have countered your argument but Ill do it again, slowly this time just for you.

Player lvl- if you level evenly youll be a higher level player with lower level dinos. You can hit level 20 without a single dino over level 20 therefore people who power level a few dinos will crush people trying to build. There is also the lvl20 cap, Im level 20 with lvl 23-24 dinos but I would frequently face all lvl30s

Dino level- you cant mandate that a player level evenly meaning it would have to be an average. I could throw in a lvl1 and my average goes from 23 to what? Now Im sending out lvl23 dinos against your lvl16 dinos… This one was heavily debunked as feasible a long time ago in a different thread.

Once youve reached an arena you cant drop- lucky streaks kill this 1 instantly. If you went on a run and reached 4k but didnt belong there ypud never win another game.

Player skill plays too much of a role in where you are to base it off level, the trophy system allows you to determine where you belong by winning and losing. There are work arounds for any other system, you would create a bigger problem with your “solutions”

And everyone knows if theres a complaint thread youll be on it so your salty comment is cute but grab a mirror


It’s true that players level doesn’t equal dinos. But it gives you a fair chance to build up a team similar to your opponent. If you decide to level all dinos equally you made your decision between unlocking and enjoying a broad range of dinos and leveling only few dinos to compete with others. That’s the decision you have to make since your ressources are limited in this game, if you don’t consider to spend $$$. If you consider lvl 20 this system does have some problems since it’s max lvl, which could get solved by breaking up the levels and adding more levels. So lvl 20 would not be 20 anymore, but lvl 20-30 or whatever.

But like I said before, I don’t my approach is the best option possible, but I think is at least more fair than it is at the moment. Having a chance makes the big difference.

Dino Level: Not a fan of dino lvl balancing, you gave a good example why it wouldn’t work. Might work if this system is a bit more advanced, like you can’t add low level dinos to high level teams ect. Could work, but it’s obviously a lot of planing to make it work properly. Will Ludia invest this time? Most likely no.

I’d tend to aggree that tophies level out players in the end, if there weren’t things like the mentioned streaks, people dropping and the 200(?) points range. A players that drops from 4000 due to bad streaks (streaks shouldn’t happen anyway with working rng) to 3750 is still in the 200 points range from a player who is at ~3550. And this results in super unfair matchups, which, I am afraid, don’t only happen once in a while.

In the end a matchmaking should be fun and challenging, not frustrating and unfair. And I don’t think it will get way worse if Ludias at least tries to balance it a bit more.

PS: Thanks for discussing like a normal person. Results in way better conversations than accusing posts :slight_smile:

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We are watching…

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We’re just going to have to agree to disagree. I think the trophy system is a good pure barometer. You rise based on skill, fall based on level and find where you belong. Raise a few levels, advance until you hit the next wall and repeat. Saying “its your fault for leveling equally” simply doesn’t work because the game isnt based on power leveling the best dinos, there are so many factors that hurt any level based match up system. There are work arounds in any system and making it more complicated simply creates new problems

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Rocket League, my main PC game has the exact same problem. People smurf so they can curb stomp others or play w/their friends, etc. Solely on rank, nothing to do with how good you actually are at the game.