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I thought Gobber's duties will be improved

It’s gotten harder.

There’s now a send dragon to collect for Iron. Iron collecting takes 2 days + a full capacity of wood (500m). How do you expect that us to finish us every day.

I suggest just make more duties but not all duties but make the pack available when you reach a certain number of duties of completed, not all duties.

I have two dragons @ level 150 that I use for Iron. One takes a little over an hour and the other about 2 hours to complete the task.

Good for you but what about players who just unlocked iron?

The other trouble we had with the duties persists too. The long Toothless trips. Yeah, now if you don’t have the task, you can enjoy that grace time, but… you gotta know beforehand if “tomorrow” you are gonna be assigned the task to send Toothless for a +48h training. Maybe the tasks are cyclic and can be predicted easily? If not… The problem hasn’t been solved :confused:

Methinks you’re using the wrong dragons. There are a number of dragons that only take 100M - 250M wood/fish and not very long time-wise (at level 150, but I think they were similar at lower levels).

  • Egg blossom: 200M wood
  • Champion Windgnasher: 250M wood
  • Retired Windstriker: 225M fish
  • Rattling Smokebreath: 100M fish
  • Aurvandil: 250M wood

I don’t think I’ll ever finish these duties ever again. I only have two iron gatherers, a level 76 Dustbrawler (480m wood) and Silent Knight (450m wood).

I BARELY meet the 300m per day requirement.

This update is infuriating. I used to finish these duties and get like 200m resources + some runes from them.

Only good side I see is now I get to login a lot less because I don’t have to login for those pesky journey duties that only grant garbage.

“Wrong”, more like I don’t have any of those except for the Champion. And even 250m, which makes the daily target 550m wood/day extremely difficult.

This update was just pushing F2P to spend runes and ask for microtransactions… which is frankly doing the opposite to me.

I want to support this game but this isn’t how to do it. Instead of making me excited for updates, it’s making me less and less interested.

Eh? How are those related? The latter duty isn’t to have that much wood in storage, it’s to collect (from any source, mind) that much wood. If you collect 200M, spend 250M, collect 150M, spend 100M, and collect 200M, you have accomplished the duty, even though your storage might never get above 300M. This would only be a problem if you desperately need your iron collector to also be collecting wood. (Which you shouldn’t; there are many better wood collectors than Champion Windgnasher.)

Heh, yeah, journeys are dumb. Do you at least use Astrid and Fishlegs? Their cheap journeys are at least short enough that if you only log in three times a day for your mystery pack, you can still finish one per day, so you can keep sending that pair over and over with minimal extra effort.

Try to get a chicken to collect iron. Chicken, Thawfest Hen and Cockatrice only require 1 wood or fish (and under 2 hours), and are easy to level up. Büttor-Bol needs 500,000 wood (under 9 minutes), which is a lot less than the hundreds of millions that other dragons require. Chichillen does not collect iron.