I thought only highest arena's were no longer trophy based?

Now I could be wrong… but I was under the impression that, in order to compensate for the timer getting set back to 30 seconds, only the highest arenas now lost their trophy based matchmaking…?

Cause on my second account (battling in Sorna Marshes) this is what I’m getting matched up against. This should never ever be remotely possible…

See what it’s like during the week for comparison please.

Every weekend their are people who post match ups that shouldn’t be possible with described match making.

I’m pretty sure when tournaments start they widen match making parameters to keep que times at a minimum during tournaments

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Its less dramatic during weekdays indeed but I still encounter the most idiotic teams then. Just less. It should not be possible at all. Not during weekdays nor during weekends. I’m pretty sure the player base is shrinking rapidly. Getting a match in lower arenas now takes ages as well except for the “prime time” moments.