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I thought the point of boost 2.0 was to make arena balanced again

They reset boosts and then changed how they leveled out to make arenas balanced again and then what, sold them every single day in the shop?! How is it balanced when you go against 3 dinos on a team that are ALL boosted 10 speed and 8 or 9 damage… Or worse something like a 16 Health/14 damage Draco… Or to get killed by a level 28 Procera, that’s has 10 to speed, 10 to attack, and 7 to health, that just dodges and takes out your whole team… Can’t wait for that to get nerfed… You say you want balance but it seems it was only about greed! If you care so much about the balance you wouldn’t be selling boosts all the time in the store, before it was atleast once, maybe twice a week… All you have done was cater to the pay to win people more! This screenshot is a level 30 Draco with 30 boosts out into it, that’s 60k HC, that’s ridiculous! Something needs to change…


Today I played against a player with two L30 dinos, both with 30 boosts!
He is ranked 126 with 6091 trophies, I am out of top 300… playing with only 3 dinos L30 and much less boosts. At the end I lost whole 30 trophies…


Boots was the worst idea ever added to this game …its mpossible to have a balanced game iff anyone can just throw money into it and change whatever they can on a dino,
10 boosts max per dino would make then balanced but not 30


I know, the whole point of “fixing” the boosts was so there wasn’t dinos with 150-160+ speed, and that could 1 shot anything… And they let it happen anyways to line their pockets… Atleast with boosts 1.0 most everyone could afford to boost decent without buying boosts…


When you get smashed by unfair matched teams (which seem to happen on boost sale days, heh what a coincidence lol) do you get a creeping feeling that maybe your team is too weak and should spend to improve it? Yeah thats called manipulation…resist it entirely.


Well, boosts 2.0 made me to quit this game. Ludia got insanely greedy not caring about balance at all. They just wanted to sell unlimited boosts and incubators.

Instead of this I just cancelled my VIP account, left 1* rate at Google.Play and uninstalled the game. Well done Ludia


As long as speed boost keep working, balance will be impossible

Every dino was designed for a purpose. It is a nonsense players can rework stats, specially speed which implies direct and immediate change in the meta.



3-0 almost one shotted my entire team.


To answer the question, first we must define “Balance”.

Balance for the players would mean a fair, balanced arena, where we face nearly equal creatures.

Balance for Ludia means more profit. They found players didn’t max out their creatures with boosts, because the cost to do this was exponentially higher, with lower return on investment the more boosts you applied.

Ludia balanced boosts by making it a linear investment. Now people buy more boosts, as it is no longer a waste of resources to max boost your creatures. The cost:benefit ratio is now linear, hence they have achieved “Balance”. Edit: Balance in Ludia terms “Profit” not in player terms of “Fair”.

I hope this clarifies the situation for you.


Really… You felt the need to type all that out to try to pontificate on my post… It’s not balanced… It favors those who throw cash at the game needlessly… A balanced arena means I have a near equal chance to win a match as you do, but if you have a Dino that you’ve spend 60k hard cash on to boost it’s speed and damage to the threshold and can therefore just walk through my whole team, that’s not balance. Balance would be putting those pay to win players against similar pay to win players. Not against people who aren’t willing to out $400 into 1 dinosaurs stats… They didn’t balance the boosts for our benefit, they balanced them to benefit their bottom line…


I think you may have misunderstood the previous post Christopher. They are actually agreeing with you.

This was bound to happen after the reset and I said as much at the time. With the almost every day sale of boosts people who want to buy boosts are doing so and climbing the leaderboard very quickly .

But if you look at Ludias position in the top grossing charts they are dropping like never before. Because most of us are aware that it’s a waste of money to buy boosts now.

The way they made them so expensive was the biggest rip off ever in my opinion. And those who support what they did at the time are slowly beginning to see that they were wrong to support it now.


Sorry, but must have missed the memo. The point of boosts 2.0 was to better monetize boosts.


Boosts 2.0 was only fair for a short while, and as soon as the prices showed up, it was pretty obvious that this was nothing more than a way to milk more money from boosts since most people had gotten their dinos up to 7/7/7 and had stopped buying them. They soon became arguably worse than the former style of boosting because too many people dumped all their boosts into one or two dinos.

That adds even more RNG to the game, because you either get lucky and get matched with their other dinos, or you get unlucky and meet their 150 speed Thor and get sent down when, had they boosted things equally, you would have won the match. Of course, it’s irrelevant that you took down a stronger opponent, because the trophies you win or lose won’t be adjusted to reflect that.


I agree with you, edited my post to clarify.

They balanced boosts, not the arena.


Oh yeah i agree. Theres players before boost 2.0 that i was beating and gotten beat by up in the top 150 rankings where i usually hung around. Now it occasionally puts me up against those same players and theres a huge difference between boost levels which ultimately decides the match in a 3-0 in their favor. At least before you could of gotten the 25 boost pack and it could leveled up a few tiers and your dino wasn’t too far behind the rest now you spend 4 times as much and you get one tier. On the short term 2.0 looked like a good idea but on the long term it wasn’t so much. But were the ones who asked for the change in the first place and well thats what we got. Highly doubt that they would rework boost again.


My biggest problem is the almost constant sales… It’s sad because there were so many people saying they wouldn’t buy any boosts when we saw the price was gonna be 2k for 1 tier, but I’ve seen those same people with 30 tiers… 60k HC per dino… U don’t understand the allure to pay to win because for me it takes the fun out of the game… If I 3 shot an opponent I hate it, j would rather have a good hard fought close match…


I just hope if they are using real money to buy such things that they are keeping track of their spending, because if not they are going to waste so much money on their pixel dinosaurs.

When the game finally shuts down (all games end eventually) they will be left with nothing.


Those sales are every day in shop, cause they don’t sell as many boosts that they planned.

Boosts 2.0 is their biggest mistake. They sold thenselves for short term profit, only to lose much more on long term.

In boosts 1.0 you had no chance to play equally unboosted to boosted teams. Now you can when there aren’t those overboosted monsters around. In 1.0 players were buying boosts to boost creatures for tournament, sanctuaries after they stopped boosting their team.

Some players still buy boosts in 2.0. Though even those will stop buying them when they will have fully boosted team.

These constant sales are their last attemts to make this boosts 2.0 fiasco at least slightly profitable. New reset is inevitable. Boosts 3.0 are just around the corner.



I hope they do it good this time!

Instead of refund every players boost in to cash, players should have all their boosts on the dino and get a smaller refund.

What I mean, players should know what they boosted and stay with their choise.


Solution=Change boost usage cost to 10-15 boosts, not the stupid 100, everytime I see that you need 100 boosts to level up once makes me lose like 100 braincells

i already posted since first boost releases…

boost mechanics throw to garbage all creature logic design.

logic designers spend effort to make a creature balanced. then a player buys gets boosts and make a mess to its stats.

so a immune creature that should have low hp now has high hp.
a high damage/hp creature should be slow, now it’s fast.

mess everywhere. :see_no_evil: