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I thought they only existed in legends


Thanks for the nightmares :slightly_smiling_face:

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The only thing that outsped it was my Magna, and I didn’t roll it. That was a fun time.

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legends never die !!! … Stat Boost 2.0 appears and goodbye legends


oof. glad i’m not fighting things like that yet.

Watch those that had all their boosts in Thor will only put them back in Thor after Boost 2.0.

it will not be the same, it depends on a bit of calculation and strategy to invest them, in addition to that now there are 20 slots per statistic and you will only fill one slot per level, so it will depend on the strategy they use to do it.

We shall see how it pans out.

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i meet 7500 hp and 3000 damage ones, ill eat this one for breakfast :joy:

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Did you notice the speed?

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Health and attack are nothing to write home about, it’s the speed that made me double take. It’s t9.

Yo :neutral_face:


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Beware of the boosted Thor! They kill 800,000 teams a year!