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I thought we would have a chance at Allo G2 😕

This is what we were shown…

And this is what we got…

I am very disappointed…


same here. supper disappointed now. there’s also no rare dime either in the in game announcement.

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And now I need to pay 20 DOLLARS to unlock it! 20 DOLLARS TO UNLOCK A VIRTUAL DINOSAUR!

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In game announcement looks like one of the old “fierce” themed week’s. The social media post looks like they meant to update the theme, but maybe they forgot to change the ingame announcement? Typical really


Yep… typical Ludia.

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@Ned is it possible you can ask for an update about this please?

Nope. Incs have seco and barry.

Well I’m out. They can’t even keep up with themselves. Might as well delete now than be disappointed in the future.


Well that sux. I was hoping the media post was the accurate one.

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Me too I got allo gen 2 from my alliance’s sanctuaries But I need 700 more dna to make it level 15 I really thought u would finally have some chances on getting it to level 15

It’s always that stupid barry, always trying to get into events.

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They even messed up the common. They said pig and we get dimetradon instead

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It’s Ludia… remember… always Expect Nothing!

I mean,if this was a ludia mistake,should we REALLY be surprised anymore?

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@Jesse_de_Wijs, I’ll see if I can get more info.


I’m not the person who asked the question,but we appreciate the quick answer

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Thanks ned. Appreciate the very quick response.

Allo gen 2 would’ve been so helpful for all players, yet Ludia decided to ruin this opportunity.


I’m done. I’m deleting this waste of money and time! Not even the developers can keep up with it.

I’d wait until the update and then make your final decision