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I took a picture... It'll last longer

I expect to leave this arena upon my next battle… But at least my Arambougiana reward will be solid. :slight_smile:


Never know half the battle of library is getting into the library… i normally face worse stuff when i get knocked down into avairy.

So far, you’ve been correct. But with a team like this: I don’t feel that I’m levelled-up enough to progress though.

Somehow, I feel like it’s time to say goodbye to some of my Ceratopsians. :frowning:

Sino speedsters for magna and tryko… id also consider swaping out either indo g1 or maxine for draco… keep mono

Ugh… I hate this meta so much. Must I rely on the RNG dominant cloaks, dodges, and sidesteps? The design of almost all of those creatures is terrible too.

I was booted out of the Library after one battle. It was nice to see it, even it was brief :joy:

I get to see it for a few battles, then go back home.