I Took out out an Entire Team with Argenteryx

It won’t be long before we get nerf Argenteryx threads.

I took out this team below boxed in yellow with Argenteryx all by itself.

I used this flock alone. If I don’t run across a bleeder, nullifier or another creature with group attack ability, I may be able to take out any team close to this level with this one flock. I’m thinking, wow are these over powered. They don’t have giant damage but decent. Again, death of a thousand cuts. Not only can I regenerate another bird every 3rd turn, I get another bird when my opponent swaps. I’m also in dodge mode the entire game. Unless you have the right creatures, these are hard to kill.


This is my team for the moment. I’m still using all the new 2.10 update creatures.


After doing that strike today, I can definitely agree


I beat the strike with these but ran them in the opposite order. I used Thylacitator twice. Pretty much used the bleed with there being 2 sets of flocks.


I mean… as long as there’s a bleeder odds are decent I think, though the cleanse move can be troublesome, I’m sure there are some ways to beat it that don’t include over the top creatures, just can’t think of any atm

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The cleanse was definitely troublesome.

Don’t worry the slothceratops will counter this thing. Now our problem is with the slothceratops

Glyptodon is terrible tho. Not sure why you’re doing that to yourself.

i mean everyone can play the game as how they want to