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I took the quiz and didn't get who I wanted

I wanted to be either T-Rex or Indom, but I got Indo.


Noice… Though

But does it fit you??

I guess it does, I answered the questions correctly so I guess I am Indoraptor.

I meant, does the description fit? Were you made angry?

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I guess not then, I’m not particularly angry.

:joy: no but really :joy::joy::joy:

Then clearly the quiz was wrong. Shame…


Please stop, can’t keep it dry :rofl::joy:

This is sErIoUs BuSiNeSs


Buzz Feed quizzes are notorious for being wrong most of the time. Lol :sweat_smile:

This was my result.

I don’t think this describes me very well unless they know something I don’t. :sweat_smile::flushed:

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That quiz is brutal…


I’ve always enjoyed darting Euoplocephalus. She makes me feel really good about my darting skills. :yum:

I took a couple of other Buzz Feed quizzes and got these. Lol

Triceratops is another one of my favorites, but did they have to use the sick Triceratops for the stock photo? I’m sure there had to have been a happier looking Triceratops in at least one of the movies? :wink:

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