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I trolled my opponent and laughed a lot, but

For you who didn’t understand: I simply made him use his shield and switched to Thor, after that I switched to Tryos and he used distraction and I just finished him with 1 hit! :rofl:

However he had his level 23 Erlidominus and Level 25 Feathered Christmas Tree and I ended up being defeated… :roll_eyes:

Although I lost this battle, I was grateful that my strategy worked and that I killed Tryko with just 1 hit (yes, I used RTC … but it was still 1 hit). :sweat_smile:


Impressive. Tryo rocks, I use him too


Thank you. When counterattacking creatures are a problem, Tryos resolves! :wink:

I’ve done that before when my opponent uses Tryko. I can’t stand the ID, II, ID combo, so I’ll swap around when I realise my opponent relies on them.

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