I unlocked a new creature today


Congrats :tada:

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Congratulations on unlocking Luminous Para lux :confetti_ball:

A level above you and I still can’t find it

Great job tho

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It spawned 5 times in 2 months for me to unlock it

Thanks :face_with_hand_over_mouth: it looks so cool when it glows

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Thank you :blush:

Awesome! Its impossible to get it on the map since it is a non hybrid.

It is the only legendary that spawns right?

yea but once i saw tryostronix on the map. it was a special event.

Hmmm interesting :thinking:

It is possible? In fact, its the only way to get Para Lux other than events lol

Congrats on getting the prehistoric night light!

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Haha thanks :blush:

I only dart lux during events

Ohhh cool🙃

pretty sure I have 141 out of 200 DNA I am 59 DNA away

The best trick to find lux is keep an eye out for rarer Short-range spawns (Megistotherium), if you see it more often then there is a higher chance you’ll find Parasaurolophus Lux in the wild!

Hope this tip helps!

good job

Yeahhhhh now for parasauthops