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I upgraded my phone and it makes a huge difference

Hey all,
So recently I saved up my money and upgraded my phone from a Samsung S7 Edge to a Samsung S20 plus and the difference for game play has been staggering.
The Samsung S7 Edge came out March of 2016 and it was the flagship phone at the time. It uses a snap dragon 820 chipset with 4gb of RAM. I have had the phone for about 3 years.
When I first started playing this game in 2018, it worked fine with my phone and shooting things was fun. As things were added onto the game, my load times slowly increased, and shooting and other game play declined.
So now when I play the game with the S7 edge load times were about a minute.
Other things took their time as well.
When I have two creatures to shoot on the giga scent, it would take the full 2 minutes, It took a while to load the creature and it took a while to come back to the screen so I could shoot the creature.
When shooting creatures, the game would sometimes shutter, speed up, and slow down, making shooting difficult. Certain creatures with extra graphics or very large on the screen were nightmarish.
Creatures that galloped or lumbered while being shot at, were also very difficult. Oh and don’t even talk about shooting those snakes or Wooly Rhinos.
Countless DNA was lost because of this bad shooting. I could not fathom or understand how some people were able to get perfect or near perfect scores on certain creatures. I shot everything on classic speed, because veteran was too hard.
Sometime the game would freeze on me for no apparent reason or if my phone wanted to do anything else.
Some times the game would not tell me I have a battle incubator in a slot, so I would battle and then after winning, I would get a message saying, You had one there so what you just battled for is lost.
Battles would be lost because of some freezing issue or another. Or maybe I could not hit the buttons.
Supply depots deciding to spin forever, until I decided to restart the game.
A friends list, that never seemed to fully populate with correct information and was aggravating to look at because it did not want to fully load.

When my girlfriend would drive the car over 60 miles per hour, it was almost impossible for the game to decide that what was on the screen was there for me to click on and target and shoot.

I was actually getting frustrated with the game not realizing my phone could just not cut it,.

Fast forward to the new phone it came out this year and has a Snap Dragon 865 chip set with 12GB of RAM…
For the scents, I have time left over. I can actually harvest DNA form three creature in a 2 minute span.
My play on veteran drone seems like the same speed as the old phone on classic.
My targeting is so much better now. My DNA harvest scores are up by easily over 30%.
Loading of the game is so much quicker.
My girlfriend can drive warp speed in the car and I can still target things on the map and shoot them.
Almost all of the lag issues and strange happenings have gone away.
Sure there are obvious things like a bigger, better screen and a larger battery. I appreciate those things, but it is the shooting and collecting of DNA that makes this game seem fun again.

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So many of the supposed Ludia bugs are not their bugs at all.

They are bugs with the device not coping with the ever increasing demands put on it by a game such as this.

I’m glad you’re happy with your new phone and hope it continues to keep up.

I’ll continue with my s8 edge for a while longer and put up with the slow loading, erratic darting and so on, knowing it’s not Ludia - it’s my phone that’s the problem.


Ha, people are complaining about ludia but clearly they are pretty competent with bugs but its just that their game is so complex that most phones from over 3 years can’t handle it. That is most impressive if you ask me an dother people are complaining about it.

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i’ve got a samsung S8+ and i still have occasional bugs. but a friend of my has a samsung j7 star
we friendly battle each other, and his phone takes so long to load in the fight, that he has 2 seconds to make his creature choice for the beginning of the match.

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I have suggested on a few occasions that it is the phones that cause the bugs not the game. I upgraded to a Galaxy S10 at the start of this year and what few bugs I did have before completely went away.

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iPhone 7+ to iPhone SE, and the performance difference is subtle but visible. I’m not sure how to put it in terms here, but it’s like Wind Waker to Wind Waker HD

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Their code is junk as well… more specifically their android optimization because of its segmented devices but that’s a topic for another thread.

It’s easier to produce an optimized product for ios because you only have to target x amount of phones for x amount of years.

Now these are problems most mobile developers can handle without much problems. But Ludia struggles a bit on the android side… the difference between my iPhone 11 and my galaxy s8 is like a console generation leap.

The ops old phone in raw power is roughly equivalent to a Nintendo switch.

Barring any hardware failures it shouldn’t have an issue running this game. It’s a dolled up google map with dinosaurs on it.

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I’ve tried a few things to squeeze as much life as possible out of the Galaxy S7.
They are cheap and somewhat disposable on ebay, so I went with that particular model so all cords, cases, app setup, and batteries would be universal.
I use my REAL phone for discord only because JWA causes severe heat on the phones and I don’t need that on my main. The other two are tethered to my main on wifi while on airplane mode, with as much bloat stripped out or disabled as possible without rooting, and use Package disabler pro to disable even more stuff. They are dedicated JWA phones. They are perma plugged in, overheat, and the batteries tend to bloat around every 7 months. To continue my fruggleness I left the glass backs off permanently and replace them with an El’Cheapo made in china mystery battery and use the case as the phone back. (I’ve never liked how phones went the perma-sealed pay someone else to change your battery route anyway.)

I hope to keep the S7 as my platform long enough to replace it with the S10 in a couple years. The moment I can snag a couple used S10s for $60ish bucks it’s on!


My S7 edge did not have many applications on it. I stopped or uninstalled all bloat ware and all unnecessary applications. I think the two main issues is the bottlenecking of information through the 4 GB of RAM many old phones have and the overheating of the phones cpu chip with all the information from the game.
I know some of that could be fixed by adjusting how the packets of information are processed as well as an adjustment of what information is stored server side and client side. I am sure many phones with only 4GB of RAM (Which was the mainstay less than 2 years ago) are suffering similar issues.
I am not sure what they are doing for thermal mitigation, and what is causing the phones to heat up so much.
It is tough to ask an App developer to cater to people with devices that are of a certain age or specifications, The average phone turnover rate has increased to about once every 28 to 30 months. This turnover gap has increased from about 22 months a couple of years ago. Variables will increase that turnover gap even more. I would guess the cost of devices going up; phone quality improvements; COVID-19 issues; a viable used phone market; people waiting for 5G phones and a quality 5G service; a variety of new piggy backing cellular carriers that don’t push upgrades are all variables that I am sure effecting how long people will keep their phones. I think it is safe to say, at least 30% of the phones people are using to play this game still have 4 GB of RAM and CPU power similar to the S7 edge.
So I don’t know where the line they draw is, but I think they might want to reevaluate their customer base.

With android developers tend to draw the line with supported devices. Ie the maker of the phone is still providing software updates. If their software still runs on unsupported devices that’s great.

The thing with Android is this is determined by the manufacturer so it’s not only different for every manufacturer but if a device had low sales it’s not unheard of for it to stop being supported.

Which developers are trying to get their app to work with different hardware setups but also different version of Android. Samsung for example tends to be historically slow with updating their devices to newer version of Androids.

The AppStore listing for jwa is an iPhone 5 and up. Which is an unsupported device… as the oldest iOS device on iOS 14 is a 6s. In comparison Samsung recently announced the S9 wouldn’t receive anymore system updates but going forward they would now be supporting their devices for 3 major updates instead of two.

And that’s just the differences between Samsung and apple considering other manufacturers all have their own policies. Plus the big Chinese manufacturers tend to run heavily modified versions of android.

It’s a lot to take into consideration. But that’s something every mobile devoloper has to contend with. And theirs no reason that your s7 edge or my s8 (which just got an update) should struggle to run a game that Ludia claims runs on an iPhone 5.