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I used a Epic Scent Capsule


Got nothing for 12(TWELVE!) minutes straight. I literally stared at the the screen for TWELVE minutes. I restarted the game and Boom! Dinos started spawning. At the 4th and 2nd minute marks I got a Spino and Monolophosaurus. Where did those other minutes go?!?! Otherwise it wasn’t worth it.


You need to walk about to attract more dinos


Technically not true. You are meant to get a steady supply of dinos when standing still, every 2 minutes I believe. But if you walk about it is meant to increase how many dinos you attract. So for someone to not receive any dinos in the first 12 minutes of standing still then something went wrong. They should have received at least 5 or 6 dinos.


It seriously isn’t worth it in all honesty