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I’ve come to realize


This game is essentially for the rich if you really want to make any real progress in the later stages of the game… my reasoning:

  • stingy on the DNA… about 90% of the time I pay for two dinos to mutate, I get 10 DNA. I typically have an over abundance of one dino and a shortage of the other because they are so rare to find that it takes FOREVER to create or level up mutations… 10 DNA just doesn’t cut it.
  • coins are hard to come by to upgrade dinos. Support drops usually give out under 100 coins. At later stages such as where I’m at right now level 13 I have about 13 dinosaurs ready to upgrade (list growing) because high level dinos to upgrade costs 20K or more.
  • when you level up or reach a new arena you get special offers but it costs $50 or more to accept.
  • list of dinos has grown so much that incubators usually give me DNA of dinos I have no intention of using most of the time.
  • if they kept the cost to buy special offers to a more reasonable $20, i would be inclined to buy more… $50 is a bit steep.

Sorry for the ranting guys… just checking to see if anyone shares my feelings here. It’s frustrating when I’m level 13 at the level 6 arena and I only have 2 legendary and others at the same level or less have 5 or 6 legendary. The level 5 arena is too easy for me but I’m getting smoked at the level 6 arena.


$50 is too high for any game “offers” but something is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. So if everyone keeps buying them, then why lower the price?

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Since I posted yesterday I’ve gone from 17 to 25 dinos that are ready for upgrade with no cash to do so with. At least with all the new dinos they’ve added maybe it’s too much to ask to be more generous with the coin.


They add more dinos, but seldom are they end game dinos and what it takes to get the new dino to a higher team level is ludicrous. In addition, the dna gets spread thinner and thinner because the awarded dna does not increase. I can see why some people have all the ultimate dinos at lower player levels. It is because they played smart. I didn’t know better early on because there weren’t many to learn from back then.


Honestly… any F2P game needs to make money somehow whether by charging a monthly rate, charging for in game items or the use of advertisements or any combination of the listed… The saying that “nothing is free” does hold some truth.

While the game is free to play, if you want to advance faster… then you have to pay… otherwise, play the game short term for free, get sick and tired of waiting and quit the game…

As much fun as I have had playing this game and the cheap micro transactions… it simply is not worth it to me to pay anymore… I have been getting tired of the game and think that pretty soon, I just won’t find the fun in it anymore… but as of right now, I am still enjoying it to some extent… I’m just not sure how much longer it will keep my attention…

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I used to spend money but haven’t for months, except VIP. You’re always gonna be short on coins if you level up every dino. You should just be focusing on your team of 8. At level 20, i can easily get more than 250k coins a week for free. I’m pretty much f2p at this point and can still compete at high ranks.


Just want to know how to get 250k coins in a week. I have a job and cannot grind much every day. If there is a way I can get 100k a week, I would try.


The very least you could do is max out on supply drops every day (at level 20 that gives you 15k-22.5k coins per day, 22.5k if you max both green and orange drops) and complete all strikes in that week, plus battle quite a bit in the arena (maybe win 10-15 matches, every win grants you 360 coins). All of this slowly adds up and you can easily reach 250k coins in a week. With the midweek treasure chase and also the Sunday treasure chests it is very much possible to make that amount or even more without putting in so much effort.


We all come to realise this, eventually.

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I’ve been at 99 dinos for aaaaages. It’s just the way of the game, unfortunately, which doesn’t give it give it long-term appeal.


Actually i disagree on some parts. First:i had both a lot of 10 fuses in a row and 40 50 fuses in a row so that is luck. Secondly coins are a bit hard to collect if you are impatient because it requires a lot and i would love it if they nerfed the coin requirement of evolving dinos but coins are way easier to get now than it was before. I play the game since release and boy was it hard to get coins. There are at least 2 strike towers every week which means around 30k coins alone.if you are trying to make progress over hours or days well yea you have to pay but if you want to make progress over days and weeks it is quite possible and actually fun and satisfying to pull of. Yes things might have been much better but give ludia the credit they deserve. Be thankful it isnt as it was at 1.0

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The entire game is the result of masterminds at work. To get someone to put full effort into creating and evolving a dino to get it to a certain level and it to become basically useless outside of the dna pool that is needed for the next dino is ingenious. I really wish that there was more variety in the teams of the top players. There are well over 100 creatures, but less than 20 or so that are usable end game.


I am level 16 (close to 17) and floating between 4100-4300 . I started to play in May and haven’t spent a single euro cent, playing occasionally since summer holidays due the school obligations. I have two Uniques (23, 21) and twelve Legendaries ( some close to upgrade to Unique ones). It is fun and I believe that within few months with the game “as it is” will come close or the same are someones spent “salaries” :wink:


Stop leveling useless dinos


I battle when there is an incubator slot, just to fill every slot.
Does that mean I have to battle even when there is no empty slot?


I used to do that way. However, the meta always changes. Like before 1.3, I did not level up any bleeders, but now I have to do so even I don’t put any bleeders in my team as I don’t get used to the bleeders, just for strike towers.


If you want more coins from battling, yes indeed. Battling even when you have no empty slots and winning the battle gives you coins for winning.


Ludia are relentless parasites. It should really be a standard warning shown before downloading anything they publish that they WILL try their best to drain you dry for basically nothing in return.


The prices in this game are outrageous–granted if you buy the “one time offers” you get equal to the purchase price in “in-game cash”, but the thought of basically paying for a new console game around every 1-2 months is pretty damn asinine to me. I think Ludia could probably triple or quadruple their user base if they just lowered the prices by about half. Heck, I’m probably going to drop off once Wizards Unite comes out lol.