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I’ve got 0 trophies after winning a match

As you can read in a title - I’ve won a regular match and I’ve got +0 trophies. How’s that possible? Everytime when I loose I also loose some trophies(actually A LOT of trophies), but when I win a don’t deserve any?

I had this before. I don’t know why, but still got the incubator.

Yes, I’ve also received incubator, but not any trophy

Usually this happens when you face a bot I think :slight_smile:


I’m around 4300 trophies (on a massive loosing streak right now), also on this trophy level you can face a bot?

I’ve had it happen twice in the last couple months. Not sure why, but there was a player in the list of recent opponents both times.

well with the recent trophy reset to 4500 maybe :smiley:

It’s a messed up matchmaking glitch, +1 has been known to happen too.

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It happens when you face a bot

Ok so when I beat a bot I’ll get 0 trophies, but what if I lose against bot? I’m pretty sure that my trophies will be lost, nothing like -0

You can also face a bot if you have any connection issues before match starts. Had this happen few times. After restart I battled a bot.

Hmmmm, I think that it’s actually also my case here, I think that I have to restart a game to get into a match, strange

Just to echo what your fellow DPG members have been saying:

This is almost assuredly a bot; you’ll only be paired up with them if the game is unable to find an appropriate opponent for you (e.g. nobody else within your trophy range is actively searching for a match), and you will neither lose nor gain trophies from fighting bots - but you can still get incubators providing you win the match.

A good way of verifying whether you encountered a bot is to check the list of players you have recently fought, since A.I. bots will not appear in this list.

Thank you for explanation!

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