I’ve had it with PvP (and other stuff)

I think a lot of people hate the Pvp nowadays. It’s just unfair with al these boosts and unbalanced matchmaking. Today I battled a few times ( I’m in aviary) and got set up agains boosted creatures about 3 levels higher than mine WITH a lot of boosts. The boost I hate the most is the speed. Like everyone likes to have a fast creature in their team, but when that creature gets useless because the opponent’s WHOLE TEAM has above 133 speed. It’s just depressing to fight against. I see why people are quitting this game.

Another problem in my opinion is that we NEED more communication from the developers. Every other game I play (like CS:GO, ARK, The Isle.) gets weekly or monthly news from developers to let us know what’s going on. We don’t get this from Ludia. We don’t know what will be fixed or changed untill short before an update comes out. Communication is important, very important. The only real communication is with other players here on the forum or alliance. But since every slight bit of criticism is deleted, we can’t really talk about these things.

Last thing I don’t really like is how overpriced everything is. I saved all my bucks for 2 years now to buy the incubators that have one specific creature in them (don’t know if anyone remembers these). And who would want to spend hundreds of real money on some digital dinosaurs? I mean come on.

I don’t know what else to say. If nothing changes in the next year, I’m officially done. I suggest a matchmaking where boosts are NOT allowed, for the people that hate boosts or don’t have any boosts. That would make the PvP a WHOLE LOT fairer and more based on skill and creatures instead of p2w or rng.

What are your opinions on this? We really need a place to vent our troubles with JWA.

(Please don’t ban this post AGAIN for ‘criticism’ or ‘rules’)