I’ve just stopped caring

This is not a ‘leaving’ thread of any sorts. I’ll explain below.

I still play this game daily. I complete every battle event and every tournament. I even complete the daily boss battle events but only to the first tier prize for the SDNA. But of recent (since the release of Deinosuchus) I have stopped caring. I just kinda turn into a robot to complete events and whatnot. Now I still enjoy playing this game, but I’ve stopped looking forward to new things to ‘come’.

1. New Dinos.

Now I am not trying to complain for the sake of complaining. I do remember the periods of time players such as myself had to live with very sparse and timely releases of new dinos. I’d like to NOT go back to those dark times, but it’s kinda old that every new dino is of tournament rarity. The only deviation is when Ludia makes one a VIP+ (or basic VIP i.e. Acrocanthosaurs) but that’s every once in a blue moon. The constant bombardment of basic tournaments just isn’t fun anymore. The problem is if a certain park or if rules/mods apply to a tournament, the playerbase strongly dislikes it. It wouldn’t be a problem if we got new dinos of different rarities, then had different unlock events for them like the good 'ol days.

Matter of fact, the T rex-mas/leaked dino was confirmed as Arambourginia and I just went “Oh look, another Tournament Pterosaur.” There’s just no excitement in these releases anymore for me. Not when it’s always the same.

2. New Hybrids

Every Hybrid added of recent is of Tournament Hybrid rarity. That wouldn’t be a problem if each new release had unique stats and should break the Yudon trend and be more powerful. That’s why the tourney hybrids like Zalmonodon and Pretzel are kinda underwhelming. Having more unique stats would make the exorbitant costs more appealing. Plus if the amount of new dinos get cut back, then we could get more hybrids released instead, due to the modeling going towards new hybrids, and not dinos. Alternatively more dinos of different rarities could bring us more non-tournament hybrids. The last non-tourney hybrid was Ophiacomimus back in Apr 1 '20 which came 3 years after the previous one, Tapejalosaurus (not counting Indom Gen 2). I just don’t get excited anymore when I always expect each new hybrid to be an overpriced tourney hybrid, and if 2 tourney dinos are the base components then we get excruciating double tournaments, which goes back to what I said above about how bland and overdone basic tournaments are.

Oh and generic line about how we are missing certain classes of hybrids and so badly need a tourney-amphib-hybrid. :roll_eyes:

The only thing slower than hybrid releases is…

3. New Super Hybrids

Fallen Kingdom brought inspiration with super hybrids, but that movie was released 3, almost 4 years ago. Sure Dominion is the next creative freedom, but the amount of Super Hybrids that get released is so impossibly rare. It kinda feels like this trend died out. We get one every 9 months at this point.

And the most recent Gigankylocephalus was a huge disappointment. 7 day hatch time, only 500 more HP than Monostego. It’s utterly worthless outside of a collector standpoint. At least Spinotasuchus is a poor-mans Indo.

Did you know that the Anky DNA isn’t even added to any of the SDNA packs??? That’s how forgotten Giganky is.

Basically I grinded to get 1 copy (the fusion copy costing 2k SDNA) of Giganky, then reverted all my SDNA back to Dime/Raptor SDNA immediately after. Normally I obtain other forms of SDNA thru the VIP SDNA Facility, card packs, or when I do 3 PvP battles to get the daily missions pack, but my Anky DNA sat at 13 since I fused and unlocked her, which was back in July. Nearly 6 months and I bet no one noticed her DNA missing from the card packs or prize wheels, especially for the weekly SDNA event.

Since I found that out, I set my SDNA rewards for code 19s to Anky SDNA, and have amassed 464 more Anky SDNA… all from just code 19s. More about code 19s later…

3. Ceno and Aquatic parks

I don’t look forward to these parks. I’ve had every base-dino in these parks at L 40 for a LONG time now. Sure, the occasional newly released tourney Cenozoic or Aquatic is nifty, but there isn’t any real point in them, outside of Bananogmius for Allonogmius. Plus the tournaments to obtain them are just basic tournaments. Players even dislike tournaments that use a certain park to obtain a new creature within that same park. It just gets old.

The Aquatics are Surface and Cave heavy, and the Cenozics classes are and pretty equal, aside from the fact that their stats are all abysmal in relation to their cost. This carried over to Glynthorax where her cost is 15,000 DNA more expensive than Allonogmius, all while being the weakest land Tourney Hybrid

We also get so few new releases in these parks that they are honestly just not a priority for most players. It’s unfortunate because I love the unique looks of the aquatic hybrids, especially Liosichtodon and it’s a pretty well balanced park. The Cenozoics imo don’t have the looks going for them, which is ok, but their awful stats-to-cost ratio is not, and what I take issue with. That means long cooldowns, long hatch times, it’s just plain not fun.

I’d like to see a change up in events that use both of these parks, and encourage players to use these beautiful creatures more.

4. Park/level expansion

Oh boy this tops the list for me. Easily the most wanted feature for me. I have been waiting and wanting all of Isla Sorna unlocked because of how pressed for space I am. However, it’s been 15 months since the new park level [99] (and subsequent Isla Sorna Tile Unlocks) and yet it’s not a priority. 15 months and I am just burned out on waiting.

I understand how difficult it may be to write more to the story because the story gets expanded with the park level, and how the battle stages is getting pretty narrow since the unlock reshuffle, but 15 months is much too long, and the worst part is that we’ll never know eta on more park levels, Isla Sorna Expansions, even battle stages. Just kinda wait and it’ll come when it comes, I’m just burned out on looking forward to more unlocks.

5. Bosses

OOO boy I could go on endlessly about how unappealing bosses are, but I’ll actually spice things up with the issues I have with them, which is a primary reason to me hating them.

  • Too much of a grind.

It’s easily to passively gain SDNA thru the VIP SDNA facility, events, prize wheels, and SDNA missions. Whereas with BDNA, you only get them through BDNA missions and prize wheels… from boss events. The BDNA missions are such a grind, and I have to deliberately go out of my way to waste resources to complete some of them. The main offender being the Hatch 3 Aquatics one. Other offenders (IIRC): Fuse 2 XYZ…, Hatch 4 Legendary…

I don’t think it should be an easy grind, but when you have to split BDNA up among 4 bosses, it’s tedious, especially when its like 700 BDNA every 3 days? I am just getting all my bosses to L 40 for the next badge size.

And if I were to grind BDNA through boss events, the minimal amount you get from them is so not worth the time you need to sit down an grind through an event.

  • Too much time.

IG it’s adding another way to play, but ALL of the boss events are just so long and tedious. Plus what’s the point of grinding for the best rewards if you come up flat and fail on the last few enemies. That’s why I elect to just finish the first prize tier of each Boss battle, as long as it’s one I gain SDNA from. The BvB events are just more lame prize wheels in a game of abundant prize wheels. IG it’s a neat way to obtain copies of dinos that mid-game players need, but for me a late-game player it’s basically worthless.

  • Amber.

As a Veteran player, these are absolutely worthless to me. I have everything unlocked and it’s a stupid fix to a problem that Ludia caused.

6. Other features:

  • Code 19s:

I actually don’t utilize the code 19s. I don’t particularly like them just because a little fact about me I have Functional Neurological Disorder and so I can’t do any code 19s over 100DNA (or base-legendary rarity) due to my physical reflexes being too slow (the sliding bars are the worst for me). I just started doing the slow code 19s in the past 2 months because I started grinding the BDNA missions to get Omega and Valk to L 40, to complete the next badge level. But because I can’t physically do them, I don’t find enjoyment in them.

  • Mods:

I don’t like the ways to obtain them, and I don’t like how complex the battles are with them. All the animations just makes me lose track of what’s going on. Normally I skip any event with mods (I just do modded PvP with common/rare mods for daily packs and far superior rewards than normal PvP) but this past weekend I gave one a go. I won, but it’s too confusing and time consuming for me. Sure, it adds complexity to the game that some portion of the player base craves and enjoys. it’s been however long since boosters were replaced by mods, but I still don’t know what half of the mods do, nor do I really care. Naturally, I don’t look forward to any event used with mods.

  • Gyrospheres:

This is a large disappointment because I actually think Gyrospheres have potential. They just need an update to the roster balance and prizes. Come to think about it the out-of-rotation dinos could be the prize rewards or even unlocks for winning Gyrospheres. Instead they kinda sit unused much like boosters did if they weren’t being abused for trades.

Now the big question is if that all looks bleak to me, then why do I still play? Well I still enjoy a few bits about what this game has provided for me in the past. I love the dino diversity albeit a carnivore heavy bias. I get my full use out of all the VIP buildings as I have them all maxed out. I enjoy grinding for S-Hybrids like Dime, where I can sell for DNA and invest it elsewhere in my lineup. I still appreciate the regular release of dinos and hybrids, even if as stale as they have been (something is better than nothing). I also do really appreciate Isla Sorna, as it adds much needed space (also why I heavily looked forward to fully unlocking it).

I will keep playing this game, and hopefully something changes for the best and I start getting eager about this game again. Most notable, anything Ostaposaurus related, Isla Sorna expansions, or a focus on Amphibians preferably late-game ones.



Yes! Ostapo shybrid please…


I am with you. We need more level and park expansion, Superhybird(pls Ostapo)Gyrospheres should be better like you said, And the next creatures should be rare legendary, super rare, or common.


I agree with this, what should the S-DNA be?


Triceratops? Idk but @OstaposaurusBae has some names for ir


yeah i saw some topic where @OstaposaurusBae posted some names


Pretty much agree with every point here, although I do enjoy modded PvP.

While I do have good reflexes with code 19s and they are great at accumulating dna and sdna I still absolutely hate them, partly because unlike any other part of the game they invade the peaceful gameplay I have set in place for my park. If I want to evolve a few creatures or do a few battles of PvP I am very hesitant to do this late at night for this very reason. Yes we have time sensitive missions but these arent anywhere near as intrusive as these code 19s to my gameplay.

And that legendary/tourney reef hybrids way long overdue ludia.

But like you bae I am dedicated, I know what to expect with the game, it’s almost come robotic with the way i play but something still keeps driving me to continue, for the most part i just find the game relaxing and I’m a collector at heart with no real end goal, i dont find the game too difficult at all and strangely enough i enjoy this aspect to it too. Yeah bosses and the lack of certain key areas in the game are frustrating but theres always somewhere else in the game I can draw my attention and focus to in the mean time that keeps me happy.


Although I do like doing code 19s because I can get DNA from them, I don’t like that they randomly pop up. I’ve had the late night issue like you said which affects my reflexes, so I may lose a dino. They also come at the worst time, usually right after I do a tournament battle and I really don’t want to stop and do a code 19. My time is limited these days, so I try to squeeze in battles when I can. It’s hard to pass up a possibility of nearly 1K DNA though.

I wish code 19s would only pop up when requested. There could be a code 19 button kind of like watching ads for DNA. You would get a max amount of times in a 24 hour period like we do now, but only when you want to do them.


^ this. Code 19s r such an annoyance. No one wants to back out of an event to do a code 19, then go back do a pve only to have to go back out for another C19. Don’t need a timer, just give them infinite time, Let them build up, do when you want or send Owen yourself.

Motivation for me overall is pretty low. I collect somethings and do trades and hatch, that’s about it. I’m basically only putting effort into new unlocks at this point which for my game are completely new creatures.

Only 4 pve finished so far for this CoT


Rip @SmilodonTroodon :frowning:

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Its OK if they have unlocked cutie boi. I myself dont do COTs that have creatures I have unlocked ( if it ever happens )

The truth is, I don’t understand Ludia’s obsession with bosses … Since their launch, they have been criticizing how useless they are, they only improve the park aesthetically by having larger enclosures. The obsession is so great that they have taken out the fabulous cargo bottom of the Scorpios Rex for an Omega 09 with snow. :triumph:

Oh and the S-DNA card pack is more than outdated, not only is the Ankylosaurus S-DNA missing, but the Dimetrodon S-DNA is missing as well.

I hope that the next updates bring improvements and are not just a mountain of errors like the last ones, but hey, it’s just a wish. :sleeping:


Ive stopped caring about this game for about year already,

Ludia doesnt listen to us
In my opinion everything got old really quickly especially the battles
I really hated how back then i had to actually force myself to do the battles because i would feel bad if i didnt hence why i quit


I’ll agree. Every new dinosaur is either tournament or the few normal ones we got are hybrids and s hybrids. Some herbivore, carnivore, pterosaur and amphibian families lack common, rare, super rare and basal legendary members. Same for aquatics. And yep every new aquatic is either cave or surface so we would need an expansion for reef. And we haven’t gotten any new aquatic families outside of the 10 rigs we have now. And yeah i am not a fan of bosses too. First they’re taking too long to grind. And their stats aren’t great either. It is easier getting a hybrid with similar stats. It would be more helpful if bosses would be useful in pvp or other events


I agree with most of the things you said. I feel like the game would be incredibly better if it was less grindy, more user-friendly and if it incentivized players to take part in events (which would have a higher chance of giving good creatures). One of the best examples of this is one that you’ve also mentioned: gyrosphere events. The idea of battling top tier dinos by using creatures that are as strong is extremely appealing, but the high difficulty of these events and the trash rewards (also let’s not forget about the high entering price) make everyone avoid even the thought of doing them.
The same thing could be said about other aspext that you’ve already described in detail. I feel like the main thing that ddives people to still play the game (me included) is its “collection” nature.


I think the problem is that the majority of people who play the game probably have quite a short lifespan with it. My guess is that a lot of people join because they like the idea, make lots of early progress, then stall. It is easy to do the wrong thing like putting all your time and effort into getting Indoraptor and then make the game unplayable without understanding why.

So it is in the game developers interest to target the early-term players simply because there are so many more of them. The forum members who have played for years ought to be respected but aren’t the game’s bread and butter. They are the people with the patience to stick with it through thick and thin (sometimes very thin🙄).

It is a real shame but it’s my guess as to why people like you @OstaposaurusBae , who have played for so long and been so loyal to the game, seem to get forgotten.

Maybe I am being too cynical.


Imma be real with you… the bosses are a cash grab.

$5 USD for 100 BDNA… to
$100 for 1200 BDNA…

That’s useless. Getting my Valk to lvl 35 costs 975 BDNA. So literally that $100 would just go to 1 boss level. Sure IG it’s great for the first 5 levels of a boss, but it’s burning money after that. Ig that’s why bosses are so grindy. Either have boatloads of time or boatloads of cash. I’m not willing to invest either, not when playable bosses are absolutely useless to me.


While I can understand this, I am not one of those players. I’ve been here since launch. The past year of updates or lack-thereof is what’s pushing me away.

And that’s what boggles my mind. I may not be a whale, but I do pay for VIP, and so I’m a pretty consistent player.

I understand the choices made to benefit Ludia, after all they are a business and workers need to get paid, but this year has been donkey-backwards.

I see the ways they target the mid and end-game players, like the constant release of tournaments and tourney hybrids with exorbitant prices, but stuff like the playable bosses are don’t do anything for anyone. In turn we’ve gotten no Isla Sorna unlocks for 15 months, which includes park level cap increase and battle stages, and it doesn’t make sense to me. Clearly those had the biggest hype and support behind them.

I will still continue to play, I just don’t look forward to anything released anymore. Im so tired of waiting and looking ahead.


You’re right, but the people who spend $100 on that will spend $1000s and not care. They fund part of this game existing.

We just don’t play that way, but with patience.


Most frustrating thing about the Code 19’s for me is that they usually come in waves. Rarely do I get just one. So I’m often being interrupted mid-event to complete three, four, even five Code 19’s right in a row. That’s asinine. Why they can’t at least be staggered throughout a 24hr period is beyond me.